What is Cruks or Central Register Exclusion Gambling?

When the Law Gambling of the Gambling It was assumed in 2019, it was determined that a central database had to be created which players can deny access to games of chance. In this way, for example, it can be ensured that players get their addiction under control. For this database we know them nowadays under the name "Cruks". Would you like to find out more about this central database and especially how you can register for this? Then you have to continue reading!

What are Prints?

For all country -related providers of games of chance, they are obliged to join the central database from 4 October 2021. In the meantime, this also applies to online providers of games of chance in the USA. In the Cruks database, the data of all players in the USA are stored who are excluded for participation in games of chance. For this exclusion it applies that it can be requested by different parties. This is then concrete:

  • The player himself;
  • One of the family members of the player;
  • A certain provider of games of chance;

Ultimately, the decision for whether or not to exclude a certain player lies with the Gaming Authority. If you, as a player, choose to request this for yourself, you will always be able to count directly on approval of your application. If a family member applies for this for you or when the application is submitted by a CasiFast payoutGames provider, it will be a different story. Then the regulator will first want to see the necessary evidence.

How exactly does the control happen in practice?

The cruks control can be carried out in different ways in practice. Upon entering a casiFast payoutor play hall, it is checked whether your data as a player in the database or not. Are you going to play in a online Casino? Then it will be checked (automatically) during logging in whether you are found as a player in the cruks database or not. Does the system notice that your data indeed appears in it? Then you will be refused access to the gambling site.

How can you register in the Cruks database?

Registering in the Cruks database can be incredibly simple in practice. You must surf to the website cruksregister.nl for this. This is the official website that has been created by the Gaming Authority for Cruks. NB! The website cruks.nl is not an official website. She therefore does not have a link with the Gaming Authority.

Once arrived on the home page of cruksregister.nl you can find a large white button. This button states "I want to register". When you click on this button, the registration procedure is started. Then you have two different ways to pass on your registration, namely:

  • By using your DigiD;
  • By means of a form that you have to print and fill in;

For the majority of people, they will now choose to use the DigiD. In this regard you have three options to make a choice. This concerns the following:

  1. Using the DigiD app;
  2. Through your username and password;
  3. With your identity card;

For which of the above options you will choose, of course, depends entirely on your personal situation as well as the preference you have.

For what period do you want to be included in Cruks?

Very important to pay attention to is the period for which you wish to be included in the Cruks database. In this regard you can make a choice from the following options:

  • 6 months;
  • 9 months;
  • 1 year;
  • 2 years;
  • A different term;

It is standard that the selection is 1 year old. The minimum duration to be included in the central database is always 6 months. It is logically very important to think carefully about this. Once you have chosen a period and have confirmed your registration, it is Fast payoutlonger possible to change this.

Confirm your registration in the Cruks database

The final step relates to confirming your registration in the Cruks database. In the first instance you will get an overview of everything you have entered. Data that you will see again are not only the chosen term, but also:

  • Your BSN;
  • Your name;
  • Your date of birth;

Have you checked all the data and do you think the summary looks good? Then you can definitively confirm your registration. From that moment you are included in the Cruks database.

View via this link The official website of Cruks.

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