Football bets

It is the most popular sport to play in the USA. Every week millions of people watch competitions in the Eredivisie, Premier League, Bundesliga or Champions League and also many more competitions. To make the matches even more fun, you can also bet on football. On this page we provide more information about choosing a suitable bookmaker, what type of football bets there are, we give tips for football betting and show a number of online casiFast payoutbonuses that are available at the bookmakers.

What are football betting?

If you want to do a football bet, try to bet on a match with the right knowledge. This way you can use which team will win, the correct result, who will receive the first yellow card and how many corners are given in the competition. If you have the right outcome of a certain bet, you win from the bookmaker and you will receive a sum of money for that. This amount depends on the odds given to this football bet, which in turn depend on the risk of this.

How can I bet on football?

We are happy to explain how to do football bets. First of all, view the best bookmakers with a Dutch license on this page. Because of their many years of experience and expertise, our experts have done thorough research into the best choice for you! With these bookmakers you also see the bonuses that are offered. For example, think of a Bonus up to $250 so that you can go directly with more money Bet on sports Then you deposit on your account. When you have chosen a bookmaker you can navigate to the online casiFast payoutand open an account. Because this online casiFast payoutis supervised by the Gaming Authority, you have to go through a number of steps to verify your account. Think of a copy of your ID or passport, your address details and your date of birth. You also have to set play limits in advance so that you prevent the chance of gambling addiction.

Football Bonus Bonus

If you want to go online betting on football you need a bookmaker. In addition to being important to find out if it also has a Dutch license, it is also good to see on our page which website has the highest bonuses. After all, you want to get everything out and play with more money than you deposit is of course a bonus. It is important to find out what the bonus conditions are. Although you can immediately activate the bonus with a few bookmakers, this is not always the case.

Which football bets are there all?

Nowadays you can use everything. From the number of yellow cards to the player who makes the first goal. You can also bet on the number of goals that a player makes and when the last goal falls in the game. There are also special football betting think of a draw Fast payoutbet bet. Hereby you use whether a team loses or wins and you get your money back when the game ends in a draw. Another popular way to use is "Both Team to Score". It often happens that both teams score in a competition.

Do you want to take a risk? Then betting with an Asian Handicap is for you. You can give a virtual lead for a certain team, for example 2-0. The other team wins in 90 minutes with 0-3 you get a high bet back. The final result is then 2-3 and you get a high quotation back. If you are sure that your club will win with big numbers, this can be an attractive football bet.

Live bet at the Bookmakers

It is also possible to bet live on football. This way Odds can change quickly when a football club is behind. If you do expect that this club will win, it can certainly be beneficial to use live. Even if you have Fast payoutidea on which club you want to bet on it, it can be useful to first wait for how the football match is developing.

With a few bookmakers you can also follow the game live in addition to live betting. This is for example BetCity the case. This makes it even more fun to go football bets on the game of your choice. This casiFast payoutoffers live streams from La Liga, Serie A and the Championship.

Football bets Tips

Of course you don't just have to bet on a football match. This way it is important to take a good look at the history of a certain competition. We hereby give an example of a competition on which you can bet: Feyenoord - RKC Waalwijk. Although you as a football expert assume that Feyenoord wins more often, it is good to look at the form of both clubs in recent weeks, where both teams are on the ranking and what the results were in recent years of this match. It is also good to see if players are injured or suspended. This way you do good research before you actually want to bet on football.

It can also be attractive to bet on a competition in an unknown competition. Because these matches are less known for you, the football bets are also for the bookmakers in some cases. So when you do good research and start using these competitions, you can win nice amounts of money.

Another tip is that the quotation of one bookmaker to the other often differ in football. When you want to bet on Ajax's profit at Toto It is possible that the quouing is lower than when you do this at Holland Casino. You can also open different account and enjoy the bonuses that you can cash in at the different casinos.

Football bets: Are you going for the highest win?

Of course it is attractive to choose football bets where you will win a lot of money with a certain bet. Combining different competitions where the ODD rises is also done a lot by people in the USA. This is also because once in a while a message comes out that someone has made a huge profit at Toto by focusing on many competitions in an ODD. Yet the chance that you will win is of course much lower than if you only bet on a victory of a competition. It is therefore good to think in advance about the risk that you want to take when betting on football.

Bet on the European Football Championships or World Cup

When it is European and World Championship, there are many people who want to take a gamble at one of the online bookmakers. This way you can bet on the winner of the tournament, who comes through the group phase or what the result is of a match in the knockout phase. Many people like to bet on the matches of the Dutch national team. The top scorer of the tournament is also a bet that is popular during the European Football Championship.

Football bets Preview

Just like the analysts on TV, you can of course also do your own football bets preview to find out more about the game. For example, there are many websites that can tell you all the statistics of the past period of both teams. Although you can bet on football from your gut feeling, it is of course even better to do this based on the statistics. For example, it is useful to know which players are in shape or or the striker of a certain team scores a lot in recent weeks. You can also see what the predictions are of other people who want to go online betting and which competition is given as a tip to use.


View the best bookmakers on our page to do football bets.

When you open an account at a gambling site with a license, football bets are completely safe.

That depends entirely on the competition. We recommend that you always compare the odds of the bookmakers.

We do weekly research into the best bonuses for betting on football. Therefore often view our page to find an up -to -date overview.

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