Five signals that indicate a gambling addiction, and what you can do about it
How often and how long do you play Divine Fortune, Texas Hold’em or Live Roulette? Whether it is an hour a week, one multi -day tournament per month, or more often, it must remain fun. Among the 8 million Dutch people who sometimes play a game of chance, there are around 95,700 risk players and 79,000 problem players. Especially when you play online, the responsibility for your gambling behavior lies with yourself. But how do you recognize a gambling addiction in yourself or someone in your area and what can you do about it? We went to investigate for you.

Am I gambling addict?

Not everyone who gambles also has a gambling problem. As long as you use modest amounts and know when to stop, gambling can be an exciting and especially fun hobby. In people with a gambling addiction, the brake is off: they don't know when they have to stop, use large amounts and eventually get into trouble with work, relationships, finances and sometimes even crime. The Trimbos Institute for Addiction Care has established various characteristics that can indicate that someone has a gambling addiction. For example, if you think about gambling very often, if you forget the world around you, if you Fast payoutlonger realize how much money you bet, or you think you can win all your losses, this may indicate that you are addicted. Even if you notice that gambling is at the expense of your work or your social life or you become gloomy if you have gambled, it may be that your gambling behavior becomes problematic.

Is anyone in my area gambling addict?

With family, buying a street street Staatsloten, a game of poker with friends or setting up a football pool with colleagues: gambling together can be very pleasant. Gambling can also take shapes that worry you, for example if someone in your area plays poker tournaments for nights or is completely obsessed with a certain online slot machine. The boundary between "fun" gambling and problem gambling is not always clear. Yet many problem gamblers do show typical behavior that you can recognize. If someone suddenly has less money, more debts, his interest in work and loses other hobbies or is increasingly unsatisfied with family and friends, this can indicate a gambling addiction. If you can worry about a family member, friend or colleague you can try to start a conversation with the person concerned.

What can you do with a gambling addiction?

Whether it is about your own gambling addiction or that of someone else, if gambling leads to problems, you need help. Ultimately, only two to 4 percent of the problem gamblers seek professional help. Often addicts think they have Fast payoutproblem, or that they can solve their problems themselves. If you need help, you can seek help online or ask your environment for help. The options vary from online help and conversations with friends to therapy and medicines. Of course you have to dare to take the step. For people who encounter or think they encounter a gambling addiction in their immediate environment, the Trimbos Institute has formulated a number of tips. If financial problems occur as a result of a gambling addiction, you must have the person in question solved as many problems as possible, you can lower the threshold to assistance and offer perspective for change, so not too reproachful. Hopefully a good conversation and clear agreements are sufficient, but this will not help, then you can consider seeing help yourself.

In the case of a (suspected) gambling addiction you can also go to customer service. Many gambling companies also take measures to prevent problem gambling. After all, it is also in their interest that players have fun playing, having Fast payoutproblems and therefore keep coming back for a break. For example, some can freeze your credit temporarily or can refer you to self -help programs. Now only hope that you will never need these measures!

Responsible game (Responsible gaming)

Stay safe and healthy with responsible gambling. Whether you are in a physical casiFast payoutor play on gambling websites, there must always be a regulation and policy on responsible play. That means, in line with what you can spend, play with limits and play with mind!

Responsible game practices are intended to protect vulnerable players against the probability of gambling And to ensure that casinos treat their customers fairly and pay them neatly.

However, the principles of responsible play do not only apply to the service provider. Yes, players must also ensure that they understand problem gambling (to remain silent from its adverse effects) and learn different ways to prevent them from being influenced. This detailed article highlights different ways in which players can protect themselves during playing, as well as ways to ensure that they play responsibly, and of course within their limits.


Most players are concerned about the safety of their information and money with online gambling, and rightly so, because there are various fraudulent casinos. This raises the question: "How do you know if a website is safe or not?" Well, the best way is to find out the reputation of a site, and what a better way to do that than consulting assessments.

Moreover, it is also a good idea to look for stamps of approval of trusted regulatory authorities that control casinos and protect online gamblers. Although there are several supervisors in the area, Ecogra is the most famous of all, what the abbreviation of e-commerce and online gambling regulation and assurance. Ecogra is located in Europe and offers standards to which all affiliated casinos must adhere.

Gambling addiction: what to do?

An increasing number of players is affected by gambling addiction and this has not only an impact on the lifestyle, but also on mental health. With the increasing popularity of online gambling, this problem has become much more common, because it now takes place in secret, whereby the person who is affected usually hides his addiction for friends and family. This of course only worsens the problem even further. With many organizations in the USA (and worldwide), however, help is available for players with gambling addiction.

There are many clinics in the USA specialized in online gambling addiction, such as Jellinek or other reliable institutions. In fact, take a lot online Casino’s, including casinos that are recommended on OC24, the issue of gambling addiction very seriously and they keep a close eye on the behavior of players to identify unusual patterns. That's not all. They also offer players options such as self -exclusion, either for a fixed period or permanent, so that they can effectively get rid of the problem of gambling addiction.

Although technology has offered us the opportunity to gamble from the comfort of our house, we are ultimately responsible for our own actions. Players must be aware of the pitfalls of online gambling and take steps to ensure that their gambling habits do not get out of hand. Here are a number of ways in which players can play responsibly:

Time limits

Let's assume that you have played a game in the past hour you have doubled your winnings. If you have a gambling addiction, it is very likely that your profits give you a psychological highlight, where you think you cannot lose and therefore continue to play to win even more.

In this scenario you do not play responsible because you forcubsing yourself to believe in manufactured strategies. Instead, set a strict time limit for every session or game you play. This will limit the amount of money you lose, as a result of reckless play.


Although you do have a chance to win money while gambling online, it is important to have a plan to ensure that you ultimately do not lose all your money. You have to gamble responsibly, otherwise you should not start!

Many online casinos help players set their deposit limits. All you have to do is tell them your plan and the casiFast payoutwill limit the amount that you can spend per day, week or month. This is one of the easiest ways to limit your bankroll and prevent you from becoming addicted to online gambling. An example of a casiFast payoutthat is doing excellent is Mr Green Casino!

18+, don't guess if you are a minor!

Note that it is illegal for Dutch people to play when you are under the age of 18. It is the responsibility of gambling companies to find out whether players are above the legal age limit if they make an account.

In short, responsible gaming is not only the responsibility of the service provider, but is also up to the players. Follow the aforementioned tips and advice to act in a responsible manner and to be careful with online gambling. You can be sure that you cannot adhere to the problem of gambling.

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