Gambling law

On this page you can read everything about the renewed law on games of chance that online gambling must regulate. It is expected that the new legislation will come into effect in 2020. Last September the lower regulations were already released for public consultation. You too can give your input to the government. Read a summary here first!

The new Law of Gambling

For resume. There was a staggering in The Hague for 10 years about modernizing the gambling regime. Since October 2021, online gambling has been legal for casinos with a license. Only authorities designated by the government have received permits. Ao Holland casino, Betcity, Bet365 And Toto have such a permit. As a result, the government tries the way to the international Online casino to reduce offer. The government missed hundreds of millions of gambling tax in recent years. In addition, a lot of money goes from the USA by losing players. Two years ago, the House of Representatives reached an agreement on the regulation of online gambling.

What does the new gambling law look like?

In recent years there was sufficient political support to continue the Gaming Act. Also in the Senate. The problem of delay was in the fact that there are always "more important" or "more urgent" subjects on the sign. Gambling Never had the first priority. On the sensitive day 11 September, however, a new step was taken: under the leadership of Sander Dekker, the Ministry of Justice and Security published the "lower regulations" for online gambling sites. This brought the legislation a lot closer. Because after public consultation there was a definitive proposal for the Senate, which can then be treated. In the lower regulations there is already a lot about what the law will look like. The document Includes 124 pages, but crawled into the pen to give you a summary!

The most important change for you as a player

For you as a player, something will change. Now you can easily go to a website to gamble and register and deposit without a lot of effort. If the legislation changes in the USA, people want to do more to protect you in the field of privacy, addiction, etc. That means that more information will be requested from you. For example, think of your passport data, play limits etc.

Register as a new player

  • Upon registration you need to enter: your last name, first names, date of birth, gender, place of birth, physical address, telephone number and an e-mail address.
  • You also need to give up your citizen service number. If you do not have a Dutch identity certificate, a social security number is not necessary. In this case, the gambling company must perform an extra check to make sure that you are who you claim to be.
  • A check is made whether you are in Cruks Register, the central exclusion register for games of chance.
  • You have to fill in a player profile before you can start playing.
  • At the casiFast payoutthe clean task to verify your data as soon as possible, max. Within 30 days. This is possible, among other things, if you make a payment from a bank account that is in the name of the player.

Deposit and pay

  • You must give up one account as "contradiction". If you request a payment, the money will always be transferred to this account. This can be a bank account or an e-Wallet.
  • This is important: before your identity has been checked, you can deposit a total of a maximum of $ 1500 and No make payments.
  • You get one no-deposit bonus, then you will just have to make a deposit first, because it will be arranged that way now. This makes a Fast payoutdeposit bonus a bonus without a deposit, but it is so.
  • Fast payoutcredit may be offered and also not to be mediated in lending.
  • A number of payment providers are not allowed. paypal Is probably one of them, but also Paysafecard.

Other things: Player profile and customer service

The government absolutely wants to prevent addiction from being made easy. For prevention, as a player, you will soon have to set a profile in which your playing behavior will be known. For example, you indicate the following:

  • Maximum number of times you can log in per day/week/month.
  • Maximum amount of deposits per day/week/month.
  • The maximum amount that may be on your account.

Then there is something else about the customer service: it must be "electronically" accessible 24 hours a day and at least 12 hours a day by telephone. Preferably, employees must speak to you in English or Dutch.


Do you want to start an online casiFast payoutyourself? Then you will have to in line for a license. And that is not easy; Nor is it cheap! The Gaming Authority is expected to ask for at least 100,000 $for a license. In addition, a few percent of your gross game result will go to an addiction fund. The gambling tax is also not tender: 29%. So think carefully about whether you want to take this step.

Do you have feedback, send it!

You as a player have a voice! If you do not agree with the proposed regulations or if you just have a question or comment, you can respond Via this page of

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