100% fruity pleasure guaranteed at Mr Green

What is a better combination than cash fees and free spins?! In honor of the exclusive new final game, Fruit Spin, gives Mr Green Both 50,000 extra free spins and $ 25,000 in cash prices away. Although other players have to wait a while for the global release of Netents's newest final game, Mr Green is the first to delight her players with some fruity pleasure. And this before someone else does it! This is not about a few days, but in six whole months. This is a good reason to hand out a basket full of fruity rewards every day. Below we are happy to list the selected rewards for you:

50,000 Fine Fruity Free Spins

Enjoy the tastiest tension you have ever experienced. Mr Green has littered his field of tension with another 50,000 free spins, which is double the normal reel thrill free spins rewards. Every day we look at the highest percentage of profit that was achieved per player on the Fruit Spin Game. The value of your spins therefore has Fast payoutinfluence on that, but only your progress (in terms of profit) is decisive. So suppose, a spider worth $ 0.24 yields $ 10 profit, this will be worth more than if you win $ 150 with a $ 100 spider. The profit percentage is a lot higher for the first example. The 50,000 Free spins are distributed as follows about winning players:

  • First place: 200 free spins on Fruit Spin
  • Second place: 100 free spins on Fruit Spin
  • Third place: 50 free spins on Fruit Spin
  • Fourth place: 20 free spins on Fruit Spin
  • Fifth place: 10 free spins on Fruit Spin

$25.000 in Cashzaden

Don't forget to do your best for the $ 25,000 in cash seeds that will be distributed by Mr Green. Every day Mr Green will also plant some cash seeds on the account of players who have had the most valuable spins on the slot machine Fruit Spin. The highest profit percentage is also considered for this. If a certain spider gives you a lot of money then you know what you can expect on your account the next day!

Attention new players!

The perfect moment to go for green has arrived. In addition to the 100% Bonus up to $250 And 100 free spins that you get with a first deposit, you now also receive 35 free spins on the new Fruit Spin game. All you have to do is deposit an amount of at least $ 20 and play around in the MR Green online casino. Do this for the 25th of this month and receive your welcome package + 35 extra spins!

Note: the promotion runs until 26 June 2017

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