3 Belgian hockey players suspected of gambling at competitions

Brussels | May 20

A small layer of black ink has come on the golden title that Belgium has achieved the last World Cup hockey. In the final, the Belgian hockey players in the USA won in a sizzling shootout. But now it appears that a number of Belgian players may have made themselves punishable with it Gambling At own competitions, which is strictly forbidden in any form of professional sport. It would be 3 internationals of the Red Devils. Various Belgian media reported this last Tuesday.

A lot of fuss and smoke does the Belgian gambling committee smell fire?
The Belgian Gaming Committee has started an investigation into 3 internationals from the Belgian national team. During the won Hockey World Cup in India, they would have been eagerly guilty of bets at their own competitions. The Belgian team itself came up with a statement that there is alleged fuss and that it would soon overhaul. Fast payoutfewer than twenty games are now being carefully viewed, the television channel reported Sporza. This includes competitions from the last World Cup, but also duels in the Belgian competition and the Euro Hockey League are among the research. That is striking, because why is it going so far back? Is there a certain trend? Who are the three players who are specifically suspected has not yet been announced.

The Belgian hockey association is participating in the research and wants to be "as transparent" possible, Denis van Damme, director of marketing and communication of the Belgian hockey association KBHB, told against The standard. In Belgium, just like in the USA, it is forbidden to gamble on matches that a player is active in and/or can have a direct influence on. This also applies to tournaments and competitions in which a player is active. Then none of the match in that tournament or in that competition can be used. Penalties vary from fines to a prison sentence of up to three years.

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