888 Luxury Gaming at the Elite Lounge

Everyone is cordially invited to get a place in it 888 Casino, but then natural in the special luxury section!. "Take Your Seat" and enjoy your place on the Elite Lounge Tables at 888 Casino. The minimum bet here is a lot higher so that high rollers will be here like a fish in the water! Play and enjoy the 888 Luxury.

Prestigious elite lounge

Occasionally it is good to give an update about the benefits of the great and prestigious elite lounge environment of 888 casino. The necessary improvements have been made to make this special elite section even better than it already was!

Luxe Gaming in de Elite Lounge:

888 CasiFast payouthas increased its live dealer offer in the new update of the Elite Lounge. With this, 888 CasiFast payoutwants to give this elite lounge an extra boost. The chic and advanced environment of this elite lounge is the home of a large VIP gaming audience.

Players have access to 6 different high limit tables, including a roulette table and 5 blackjack tables.

This Elite Lounge also has high use options with the corresponding high limits. The area in which you play is beautiful, beautiful designs, good dressed dealers and even a beautiful view! What else do you want.

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