Background: gambling more and more entangled in the Spanish street scene

Madrid | December 5 | Source: De Volkskrant
See the steamboat from Spain. On December 5, De Volkskrant took a depth article Not so much about Sinterklaas, but about the emerging gambling market in Spain.
A market that does not come up so much slowly, but advanced quickly. The poorer, vulnerable parts of Spain in particular seem to be targeted by bookmakers who encounter a lot of criticism with their shops in the middle of the residential areas. A summary.

12 gambling halls in 1 residential block in Madrid
Spain. Fast payoutcountry where the lotteries are so high in Europe as Spain. "El Gordo" ticks above 2 billion. And only 1 person can win him. It just indicates how sky Sensitive Spain is. In countries where democracy sometimes wants to vibrate on its foundations, and where Golden Catholicism is praised, there is sensitive to grandeur and money. Certainly in cities such as Madrid, where the differences between rich and poor are great, the hope of the poor is rampant. But the lotteries dominate the street scene less and less. Emerging bookmakers, driven by the online market released (2011), are increasingly present in the cities. You can find their "betting shops" in the craziest places. After England, Spain is now the country with the most bookmakershops in Europe. Sometimes residential areas see their apartment blocks "brightened up" with another Bettingshop; And the often unemployed youth drown in en masse. Are you a fan of football, then you are often a fan of betting on football.

Nadal, CristiaFast payoutRonaldo and Pique Fast payoutmore role models
We know that it can be a nice hobby at We know that it can be addictive. Especially people who have less money to spend, it is a fast flight.
Mrs Garcia speaks in the article by the Volkskrant. She is active in one of the many poor neighborhoods of Madrid. And speaks shame of the emerging gambling halls. She throws the same sniffs to professional football players. "Footballers such as Neymar, CristiaFast payoutand also rappers promote games of chance on their Instagram and other social media," she bites the journalist of de Volkskrant. “Poor young people see their role models online Casino And promote bookmakers, while they should learn from them. "

Conflict of interest at the Government of Spain
In Spain, the gambling market actually has two camps. On one side of the spectrum, there are the Global Bookmakers and Casinos such as Bwin, Bet365 and William Hill. On the other hand, local companies such as Sportium and Cere are busy conquering the market in their own country. Just like the international parties, cere and sportium are listed. They earn a lot of money. Cristóbal Montoro, finance minister in the right-wing cabinet-Rahoy, recently reduced tax for the gambling parties from 25 to 20 percent. The opposition thought this was very suspicious: the same Montoro previously did a consultancy work for cere. But a conspiracy is really unhappy. In Spain, 1 and 1 is just 2. The unemployment, in combination with football, makes it an ideal market for gambling.

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