Batavia CasiFast payoutcontinues under the name "Kansino"

In a press release to her affiliates, Play North, the company behind Batavia, has announced that the gambling platform will continue from 17 February under the name kansino. According to Play North, the reason for this drastic change is "creating clarity about our activities".

Removal of uncertainty

Play North Limited, the company that entered the Dutch Gaming Market with Batavia on October 6, 2021, has announced in a message that the gambling site will change its name. According to the company, the current name would be confusing for players in certain circumstances.

According to Play North, this uncertainty will be removed by changing the name of Batavia casino To KansiFast payouton February 17. According to Klas Winberg, CEO of Play North Ltd, the aim of the name change is to communicate to both current players and new players that KansiFast payoutis only working as a Dutch gambling site:

“We noticed that the name Batavia caused confusion for some. That doesn't suit us. We want our proposition to be clearly reflected in our name and also distinguish ourselves from other companies in the USA. We are a company that focuses purely and only on online casino, and we want to convey that too. It is our social task to remove confusion and uncertainty and to be clear about what kind of company we are. ”

A surprising decision

The announcement is a surprising decision, given the many millions of $that Play North has already spent in the past on advertising campaigns for creating brand recognition around Batavia. For example, according to Mediaconglomater Nielsen, the company spent more than 8 million $in gross media spending in the first four months after their launch. The majority of these editions were made in January 2022, while other gambling sites chose to sharpen their budget at the beginning of this year.

The Advertising Code Committee recently expressed an opinion on an advertisement by Batavia Casino. A complaint was made that the advertising would promote unfair profit chances, but the committee did not agree and the complaint was eventually rejected.


According to Stichting Internet Domein Registratie Nederland (SIDN), the website was already registered on January 28, 2022, and another change was made on 5 February. However, not much has been done about the website since then, because there will only be a logo on 16 February when you visit it.

Update 17-02-2022: As of today, the KansiFast payoutVia website is finally live. Players who are not aware of the relocation and trying to reach the old site of Batavia CasiFast payoutare automatically brought to with the message below:

In addition to Kansino, Play North Limited has two more fingers in the online casiFast payoutporridge with Rocket CasiFast payoutand Pikakasino, who are doing very well in Finland. They also recently joined the licensed Dutch Online Gaming Providers (VNLOK), a trade association for providers of online gambling games within the USA.

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