With "Heel Holland Bet", BetCity now also has its own web series

The rumors that cBetCity Soon would also come up with its own program, seem to be correct. This week the first episode of the YouTube series "Heel Holland Bet" with BetCity frontman Andy van der Meijde was uploaded.

Bet on the craziest things

The first episode of Heel Holland Bet was without an extensive announcement on Friday 29 April on the YouTube channel of the Dutch online casino BetCity published. This shows how Betcity ambassador Andy van der Meijde appeals to people on the street on behalf of the gambling site and asks them if they want to "bet on most crazy things".

If they dare to go to Van der Meijde, the participants have a chance to win a sum of money for every bet they know how to win. However, this is not about your average casiFast payoutor sports betting that you are known about BetCity. On the contrary, Andy and the passers -by bet in the video "on everything that is loose and stuck" and not just on it Bet on football

The whole of Holland Bet Episode 1 starts, after a short intro, with Andy van der Meijde who asks a passer -by in a park if the woman is a smart player. After the woman confirms this without hesitation, Andy asks if she "wants to participate in a bet then". Also with this the woman agrees immediately and the pair then comes together the next five bets:

  1. Has the runner Lake of fewer Then walked two kilometers?
  2. Will the footballing man Lake of fewer Then keep up ten times?
  3. Is the next bike that drives along electric of usual bicycle?
  4. Is the dog one male or a bitch?
  5. Is the man well of not A football fan?

All of Holland Bet Episode 1

Nailing climax

Unfortunately for the participant, presenter Andy won the first three bets with his predictions. The runner turned out to have already walked seven kilometers, the playing man managed to keep his ball twelve times high, and the next cyclist also rode a normal bicycle. This unfortunately cost the player $ 80, but she did not give up yet.

Bet 4, in which the woman predicted that the dog was a bitch, turned out to be a hit and with this she managed to win her first $ 50. The nail biting climax of the first episode of Heel Holland Bet Bet 5, in which the duo predicted whether a random man would be a football fan or not. This allowed the participant to win $ 100, provided she put her $ 50 of Bet 4 at stake.

However, the player did not discourage that because she went all-in and also won Bet 5 with the prediction that the man would indeed be a football fan. This ensured that the woman eventually went home with a nice amount of $ 150. Smartly played!

Do you not want to miss any episode of Heel Holland Bet? Then check the BetCity YouTube channel every Friday at 3 p.m.

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