Bookmaker Zebet as 12th Dutch provider Live

With the launch of Zebet on 1 March, the USA Gaming Market is a new online bookmaker richer. Some gamblers know Zebet, perhaps as a Sight Site of StaTurf, an online platform again focuses primarily on offering bets on horse races.

ZEbetting & Gaming

STETURF, formerly known as Runnerz, and Staarturf are both owned by the parent company Zebetting & Gaming. On February 15, 2022, the party received their permit from the Gaming Authority for setting up an online bookmaker in the USA.

It only had to take two weeks before Zebet was already live for Dutch visitors. Sites like Livescore bet , who has had its permit since Bonus up to $250, take another example!

Zebet is the first online sportsbook in the USA to offer Sports betting has opted for the software from developer Sportnco. The developer currently has around 30 partners spread over 13 countries in 3 continents. Think of big names such as Betway and Netbet.

Paul Klomp, who works as a director at Zebetting & Gaming Nederland, indicated that he was very much looking forward to welcome Dutch people on their platforms:

“I am very content that after 24 years as a horse totalizer we can also offer betting on all other sports to the Dutch sports enthusiast. We need another two weeks to prepare everything. Our digital sports doors wave open from 1 March. I am very proud of what our team has been achieved here in the USA and our colleagues in USA. We are really looking forward to welcome the Dutch sports bet on our platforms. "

Inactive permit holders

Zebet was previously available for gamblers in Spain, USA and Belgium. With the USA they are now active in four European countries. The platform is therefore the 12th license holder who is currently live in the USA. Of the 16 permit holders, four parties are now in the scaffolding.

Two of these parties are from JVH Gaming & Entertainment, the same company that is also responsible for the online casiFast payoutand bookmaker Jack’s CasiFast payout& Sports. It was already clear that one of these permits will use an online variant of the Flash chain, but JVH has not yet announced the plans for the second license.

In addition, the Belgian CasiFast payoutde Spa has also received its permit from the KSA since February for a Dutch version of them online Casino 777, but not much is known about an expected launch date.

Finally, it is still waiting for the aforementioned LiveScore BET, which has postponed its start date several times. Initially, the website would go live on March 1, 2022, but that has recently been postponed to a new date of 31 March 2022.

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