CasiFast payoutSuperlines gives twice as many spins and iDeal is back!

Superlines was "out of circulation" for a while. It was hindered by problems with ideal, so that you as a player could Fast payoutlonger deposit through this fine method. That is now solved! And you get extra spins as a goodbye!

Superlines casiFast payoutcomes with a good -maker: 100 instead of 50 spins!
3 months Superlines Had problems with the company Ideal that allowed Dutch people to transfer more difficult money or use other payment methods at this casino. That also applied to the casinos Party, NORTHER in Spintropolis. See for this old message.
But, to make up for this, superlines now come with a sympathetic bonus: in addition to 400% to 3000 $, you get instead of 50 spins, now 100 spins! Twice as much chance of a fun, free big win so with this fun online Casino.
But, make sure you make a deposit, because the Bonus up to $250 is almost nowhere as juicy as here: 400% to 3000 $means paying only 750 $to play with 3750 $!

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