ChristenUnie and SP want to reduce gambling advertisements

The ChristenUnie and SP together have announced a bill with the aim of the number Gokhareklamas reduce on Dutch television. According to the political parties, the reason for the proposal is the large number of gambling advertisements that are broadcast, especially in the commercial breaks of football matches, and the irritation that causes this.

Thrown to death with advertisements

Since 1 October, the games of chance or distance has entered into force, which means that Dutch gambling sites have since also been allowed to advertise itself legally. However, there are some restrictions attached to this; For example, the commercials can only be broadcast between 21:00 and 06:00 and the mascots of the sites are not allowed to be active top athletes younger than 25 years with fans among young people or young adults.

Despite the fact that the companies behind the gambling sites are currently adhering to the rules imposed, a bill is still submitted to further limit the reach of their advertisements. The proposal comes from MP Mirjam Bikken (ChristenUnie) and Michiel van Nispen (SP), who announced in an interview with the NOS that their patience is starting to hit:

Since the opening of the gambling market, we have been thrown to death with gambling advertisements that encourage people to start gambling as much as possible.”
Michiel van Nispen (SP)

Not enough limitations

According to the ChristenUnie and SP, the fact that the commercials are already limited in their reach is not enough. For example, the parties want to expand the current measures so that commercials for gambling on the internet, just like on television, are only visible between 9:00 PM and until 6:00 am. In addition, the intention is that the number of advertisements will also be reduced during sports competitions.

The trade association licensed Dutch online gambling providers (Vnlok) has announced to the NOS that the advertisements of their websites intended correctly so that players know which providers can play legally with:

We had an illegal offer until 1 October. Now that there are legal providers, it is necessary to guide players to the legal offer and you need advertising for that. " helma lodders (Vnlok)

Children know the tunes

Recently, Christen Union member Mirjam Bikker shared in a second room meeting that she was very worried about "that flood of gambling advertisements". In particular, the way in which the commercials, according to her, influences young children, is very contrary to her:

Chair. I get to gamble. You hear me about that more often, because I am really worried about that, in particular about that flood of gambling advertisements that has been made possible since the online gambling, comes over us. Children already know the tunes of King Toto. Addiction care, the Consumers' Association, former addicts; They all pull the emergency brake and say: stop with this, don't do this! Because with that legalization, the red carpet seems rolled out for advertising by the gambling industry, online or on TV and the radio and soon also on the shirts of football players.”
Mirjam Bikker (ChristenUnie)

The same bill was almost implemented a month before opening the legal Dutch gambling market. It was then a proposal of a maximum of three commercials per advertising block, but on October 1 a stop was stopped by the Consumers' Association. This had to do with the fact that there were not enough guidelines in the agreement about the use of role models towards potentially vulnerable groups.

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