A Christmas full of free spins and high bonuses at Lapalingo

Your parents used to say: "I'm certainly not Sinterklaas?!" If you asked for a little extra? Lapalingo says that too, because they play for Santa Claus. Among other things, Fast payoutdeposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, cashback promotions and free spins will be given away in December as if it were nothing! Every day there is another extra in the Lapalingo Advent calendar.

You probably know the principle of the Advent calendar: for the entire month of December there is a door for every month, behind which something nice or goodies are hidden. At Lapalingo these are bonuses and free spins, which you will get on your account the same day. A small example of what you can expect:

  • Deposit bonuses: If a deposit bonus is given away on a day, a code appears in the Advent calendar. If you enter this code with a deposit of at least 10 $, you will receive the deposit bonus the same day.
  • Free spins: when you are one of 500 million Free spins Get hidden in the Advent calendar, you can immediately claim these spins if you open the game in question. For example, if there are free spins for Starburst behind the door, then you can redeem the spins directly in Starburst without having to do anything.
  • Cashback bonuses: On selected days in December you will receive a cashback bonus. Even if you lose, you simply get your deposit back in the form of bonus money on these days. So you can only win on these days!
  • Fast payoutdeposit bonuses: there are also in the Lapalingo Advent calendar Fast payoutdeposit bonuses constipated. If you visit Lapalingo on a Fast payoutdeposit bonus day, the stated amount will be put directly on your account without having to put a dumping gest to this yourself.

    What should I do to win these bonnuses from the Lapalingo Advent calendar?

    Every day in December to 24e Is there a new bonus available. The only one you have to do to win the bonus is at least 10 $on your account. This of course does not apply to the Fast payoutdeposit bonuses; These are automatically put on your account when you visit Lapalingo on one of the selected Fast payoutdeposit days. We do not know which bonus will be available on which day; Just like with a real advent calendar, you only know this when you open the door. What is certain is that the bonus gets higher as you pour more. When do you open your first door?

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