Content first concept change in the law of gambling advertisements are known

The end seems to be in sight for the many gambling advertisements with famous Dutch people as ambassadors: from 30 June it is Fast payoutlonger allowed to use well -known top athletes, actors or other types of Dutch celebrities as ambassadors for gambling advertisements. This has been shown from a first concept of the amendment to the law that contains the new rules and conditions of these advertisements.


It was not long after he was appointed as Minister for Legal Protection before Franc Weerwind was already called by the Chamber. It became clear that the minister had to continue working as quickly as possible on the bill for the prohibition of gambling advertisements that his predecessor Sander Dekker had already started.

The House was informed in mid -March that Weerwind was busy with a bill for a total ban on gambling advertisements, but that it could take another year before this would be completed. However, the minister noted that Fast payoutnew law would be needed for a prohibition, but instead a change in the recruitment, advertising and addiction prevention scheme.

Definition of a role model

The ministry is currently working hard on the change, and has now taken the form of a first concept that we have read. Please note that this is an informal, first concept of the proposal and the content of this can therefore still be adjusted broadly.

Nevertheless, more clarification has already come from the first concept, for example about what exactly defines the ministry as "a role model" and about what they may or may not be implemented as soon as the change is implemented. The fact that Minister Weerwind could not actually give a clear answer in advance what definition he gave to whom exactly a role model is, in the evening show of Arjan Lubach was already discussed in a comical way:

Six different definitions

Fortunately, more attention has now been paid to that, according to the six different definitions of a role model described in the first concept:

a. people who derive their fame from activities in the present or the past as:

1 °. Professional athlete, sports trainer or another person with a publicly visible role within professional sport;
2 °. actor, director, presenter, singer or another person with an audience visible role within the television, film, theater, music or other entertainment industry;
3 °. Model, fashion designer or another person with an audience visible role within the beauty or fashion industry;
4 °. Author, journalist, columnist, influencer, vlogger, blogger or another person with a public -visible role because of the use of printed, audiovisual, auditory, online or other media;
5 °. representative of a political party or another person with a publicly visible role within national, regional or local politics;
6 °. frequent participant in games of chance or another person with a public -visible role in the field of games of chance;
b. Persons who play a social exemplary function because of their office or profession. "

A social exemplary function

Anyone who has read the above text well will have noticed that it can happen that previously totally unknown people can get a role in a gambling advertisement. This can then be known to them again, and ultimately the title role model. If this is the case, then after a while it is Fast payoutlonger possible for these people to play in new commercials again.

The prohibition applies, in addition to role models that have become known through sport, film or television or social media, also to people who play a social exemplary function in their profession. In the first concept of the amendment of the law, for example, examples such as teachers, police officers and doctors mention for which professions fall in this category.

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