Loket Gaming Extended with User Forum

Players who can use a support in the end of their gambling addiction could already go to the Gaming Game League via WhatsApp, Live Chat and Phone. From today, the Steunpunt has been expanded with a forum, where visitors can not only ask questions to experts, but also with other gamblers who are in the same situation.

The central support point

It Loket Gaming is the central support point in the field of gambling problems and offers direct help and guidance to players with a gambling addiction. The initiative was launched on Bonus up to $250 at the same time as the launch of the legal Dutch online gambling market.

Anyone who has to deal with gambling problems, or know family/friends who is struggling with this can report for help at the Gambling Counter. The organization there is above all to listen to people who do not come out with their gambling problems, but also refers to professional help and guidance in taking concrete steps.

Does that sound like something that you, or someone you know, can use? Then the Gaming Game Loket. This is possible via the number 0800-2400-022 that is available 24/7, between 08:00 and 00:00 on WhatsApp via the number 06-59818331, or finally between 08:00 and 00:00 via the Live Chat at the Gambling Website counter.

Insight into your recovery process

If you are struggling to talk about your gambling problems with an anonymous care provider, then the Gaming Game Loket has found a solution for that with the new forum. Here users can, in addition to coming into with the regular care providers, also share their experiences with other visitors and ask them for advice.

In addition, visitors can discuss with each other about, for example, the approach to online providers and what they could improve on this. Finally, there is also the possibility for gamblers to record a personal recovery diary. A manager of the forum explains about this:

“With a recovery diary on this forum you grant yourself and others insight into your recovery process. For yourself that is valuable to write off in the moment, and to be able to look back on it later. Others can also support you. For others it can provide insight into how a recovery process actually is. Falling and error, the difficult moments, but also the pride and happiness. ”

As mentioned earlier, the forum is not only accessible to players with gambling problems, but also for friends, family and colleagues who are hit by this. For example, the Forum gives them a platform to share their story with others, or to ask for advice for offering help to someone with an addiction in their environment.

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