Kroon sends you on summer mission with prices up to $ 5,000!

Despite the changeable idea of the past days, we can Fast payoutlonger go around the beginning of the summer. hence Kroon Casino You will send you on an important mission next week in honor of the summer. You participate by playing the Sunny Shore video slot. If you make sure that you are the one who manages to complete the mission in the least number of laps, you win the main prize. And, believe us, this is a large amount of money!

Your summer mission at Kroon!

The Sunny Shores final game from Yggdrasil is one that you don't want to let you pass by this summer. Kroon sends you on a corresponding mission to make the summer a party. Your minimum commitment to participate in this mission is $ 0.50 per spin. If you know how to complete the mission in the least number of rounds, you end up in position 1 and you leave with the main prize. Your position is redesigned every 60 seconds. The prices will vary from $ 20 to $ 5,000. The number 1 will of course go home with the top prize of $ 5,000. The promotion runs from today until July 6, so hurry!

Last chance: Froots Promotion

Today, Teven is also your last chance to win part of the $ 5,000 in cash money from the Froots Promotion. Every $ 10 that you spend on this final game will provide you with a ticket for the large price collective. During this price collective you can win part of the $ 5,000. Forty -five players will be randomly selected during this draw. The numbers 1 and 2 win a price of Fast payoutless than $ 500!

$ 17 for every nr 17 during live roulette

This promotion started yesterday at Kroon casino, but even today is bearing fruit. During the live roulette Namely, number 17 is central. If you normally have a different lucky number, we recommend that you adjust this for one day. 17 is today the song that will bring you luck. To take advantage of the extra prices you have to use at least $ 5 during the live roulette. If number 17 then falls, each player automatically receives $ 17 extra!

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