"Current gambling law is crazy!"

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This time our article is about the strongly increasing number of online gamblers in the USA. There are currently almost two million players who indicate that they have sometimes gambled online. The current gambling law in the USA is from 1964. Given the strong changes in this market, it is striking that this law is still in force.

The number of online gamblers is increasing considerably in the USA. Research by market research agency Motivaction commissioned by Holland CasiFast payouthas shown that gambling through online casinos is becoming increasingly popular. In the last two years, the number of people who sometimes gamble online have increased by more than 300,000. In total there are now around 1.9 million people who have sometimes gambled online with real money.

In 2016, the House of Representatives already agreed on the bill to legalize online gambling. Next week, on February 5, the Senate will debate about the bill. It seems that there is a majority for the West Proposal. In 2016, VVD, D66, GroenLinks, PVV and the PvdA voted in favor. The Christian parties (CDA and ChristenUnie) voted against the bill at the time. State Secretary Dekker already came up with some measures last year gambling have to prevent. For example, gambling companies must appoint an addiction prevention in the future.

The director of Holland casino, Erwin van Lambaart, hopes that online gambling would rather be legal today than tomorrow. In the EU there are already a number of countries where this is the case. Examples of this are Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. In the USA there are many players who unprotected on all kinds of foreign websites Gambling. And then it must be added that this group does not pay any gambling tax, so unfair competition. Holland CasiFast payoutindicates that it has strict guidelines to prevent gambling addiction. Van Lambaart indicates that by means of smart algorithms in the software you can quickly see if someone is largely different from his play pattern. A sanction can be that he is Fast payoutlonger allowed to gamble the player in question online.

“The current law dates from 1964, it is crazy that this is not regulated”
This is how Yvon Jansma, director of the Center for Responsible Play, thinks about the situation. She also says that it is mainly young people who form a risk group. According to the director, it would therefore be good to start an information campaign for them. Prevention manager of addiction care Jelins, Floor van Bakkum, is also in favor of legalization. She states that the big problem today is in the USA that players gamble completely unprotected and also do not even know that online gambling is illegal. The prevention manager also indicates that the conditions for the new law are strict. ,, But we have to monitor what happens after legalization. If the number of players is growing considerably, we must intervene, for example through advertising measures. ”

Suppose the bill comes successfully rolling out of the Senate, it will take a while before the Gaming Authority will grant the first permits. The expectation is that this will only be in 2020.

Holland CasiFast payouthopes that foreign gambling companies who have been fined in recent years will be excluded from the Gaming Authority from a permit for the time being. For example, the Swedish Betsson wants nothing more than starting in the USA legally offering their services. Betsson already has one last year fine of Fast payoutless than $ 300,000 received of the Gaming Authority because of the illegal offering of games of chance.

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