The new Gambling Act in 2020: What is known?

Yesterday, Minister Sander Dekker released the lower regulations for public consultation and inspection. This means that a lot of rules and requirements for the new Goks Act have since become known. What changes for you as a player, and more importantly: what are the following steps?

What does the Gaming legislation document that the government released?
In the lower regulations, a number of main lines have been released in which the new rules for online gambling are made known in legalization. Everyone can respond to this, so also by you! You can indicate yourself whether you want to be mentioned by name and by name or anonymous. Responding is important because you really have influence!

Below are briefly a number of important rules that will soon become relevant to you as a player when the law comes. Now "later" is a relative concept, probably the renewed gambling legislation will not be available until 2020!

> Direct alles er over weten: Read all about the new Gambling Act 2020 to be established here

Foreign providers receive a license
If you are gambling online now, you do that with gambling providers who have a license in, for example, Malta or Curacao. Soon that will change: to attract customers in the USA online Casino’s must apply for a Dutch permit. That's not cheap. In addition, they will be 29% Gambling tax must pay the Dutch state. And they will have to settle here.

Your own compulsory player profile!
Where you now register fairly and easily at an online casino, it will soon be slightly more cumbersome. The government obliges providers to have a profile of you as a player. That profile provides insight into your playing method: how much you use (max), how much you deposit, how much you lose, etc. You indicate the bandwidths yourself. This helps online casinos and the government to combat addiction to you. So in itself a good initiative!

Other rules
Furthermore, the government devotes over all kinds of peripheral issues, such as:

  • Mandatory Dutch customer service
  • mandatory statement of the social security number and passport when registration
  • mandatory statement of name and address data
  • Fun Play and Real Money Gaming should not differ from each other in terms of game design
  • Enz.
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