$ 200,000 Jackpot falls in Holland CasiFast payoutScheveningen

Happy Jackpot Poker winner is more than 2 tons richer!
Jackpots are not just about customers to one casino To pull, it turns out again. They just really fall. Not every day, because otherwise it would not be jackpots. But both at Internet casinos and at Holland Casinos in the USA, a happy winner regularly comes around. This time it was the turn of a not -mentioned winner. It is also unknown to us whether it was a man or woman.

Royal Flush: Chance of 1 in 650,000
The Jackpot paid exactly $ 201,996 to the happy winner in Scheveningen last night. That was thinking of the Jackpot Poker game (a variant of Stud Poker) where a player gets 5 cards and gets 2 chances on a so -called "redraw". This led to a promising Royal Flush Combination to a Royal Flush on the board. At the moment, the winner probably ended up in a kind of flush of mental alienation: the somewhat old -fashioned slot from the Holland casino However, completely stoicin: Jackpot payment: $ 201,996!

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