Evolution Gaming mixt Baccarat en Sic Bo in Bac Bo

The Swedish software developer Evolution Gaming has announced a new title to their games portfolio in a news item on their website. The game is called BAC Bo and combines elements of the well -known games Baccarat and Sic Bo. Just like many other successful titles of Evolution Gaming, Bac Bo is one live casiFast payoutspel. This means that the game will be played with a live dealer, which communicates from a studio through a video connection with all players at the table.

BAC BO Game Rules

It gambling game Bac Bo is played with four dice, instead of cards such as in Baccarat. You play against the "banker" and both the banker and the player each get two dice: two blue dice for the player and two red dice for the banker.

The four dice are each put in a separate pit. After the time to determine your bet is over, the dice will be rolled automatically. Now it is a simple matter of adding who has thrown the highest to determine the winner.

If you focus on a draw instead of a victory, you can have a payout of a dizzying 88 times 1! The game is therefore very simple in intention, but can nevertheless suffer to many blood -curdling moments.

Persistent tension

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer of Evolution Gaming, hopes that Bac Bo will be a great success, and indicates that the simple rules and persistent tension of the game will contribute to this:

“Although it is very much in the spirit of Baccarat, Bac Bo is a game that is quickly understandable. It is easier to follow the rules and the play of the game compared to Baccarat, with only the outcome of the dice throw to keep an eye on. The dice throw - and the excitement - keep coming! ”

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