From January 1, 2023 Prohibition of gambling advertisements

On the website of the central government, it has been officially announced that the much -discussed ban on sponsorship and non -focused advertisements for online gambling providers will be entered from January 1, 2023. The Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction Prevention Decree on Gambling has now been formally changed after months of consultation with the Council of Ministers.

Motion to prohibit unfocused gambling advertisements

Earlier, Minister of Legal Protection indicated that a limited degree of advertising is required for gambling companies to achieve so -called "canalization objectives". However, it is important that vulnerable target groups, including ex-addicts, are well protected. This was already done in December 2021 by means of A motion for banning unfocused gambling advertisements.

Dutch providers in the online gaming market quickly came up with a number of measures to take the first steps in this prohibition. Last month with the ban on the use of role models in gambling advertisements, Minister Weerwind took another step. Now the law is being tightened again by the minister:

“Today we have taken an important step towards further tires of gambling advertisements. Advertising is a means to lead people to the legal offer, but the importance of addiction prevention outweighs. With this I want to protect vulnerable groups such as young people. "

A phased introduction

Now that the commercials of gambling companies are being tackled, the next target is the sponsorship that, just like the advertisements, has previously been requested by several political parties. This prohibition will be introduced in phases, starting with the first phase on January 1, 2024. From this date there will be a prohibition on sponsoring gambling companies at events and programs.

In phase two, from January 1, 2025, there is also a ban on sports shirts and sports locations. The phased introduction of the ban on sponsorship was deliberately done by Minister Weerwind for the many sports clubs that have recently closed a deal with a Dutch Online Casino To give more time to find a different sponsor before this time.

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