From 2023 prohibition on outdoor advertising for online gambling in Tilburg

From 2023 there will be a ban in the municipality of Tilburg on Buiten advertising for companies that are active in the Dutch online gaming market. This has to do with the fact that from then on a new contract with performer of the ABRIs is entering, which states that it is Fast payoutlonger permitted for gambling sites to advertise with this.

Encourage gambling through outdoor advertising

On April 20, 2022, a college was held by the mayor and aldermen of the municipality of Tilburg. In this college, PvdA member Stefan Jansen asked a number of written questions to them under the title "Encourage gambling via outdoor advertising".

Jansen was primarily critical of allowing outdoor advertising for online gambling Online Gambling In a municipality that has a policy aimed at debt prevention. The Tilburg councilor therefore suggested prohibiting gambling advertisements in Abris and other species of outdoor advertising within the municipality of Tilburg.


Jansen received an answer from the college a month later. It was agreed by the mayor that these gambling advertisements indeed clash with the policy of the municipality, and also indicated that the amount of people with financial debts since the legalization of the Dutch online gambling market and its advertisements has only increased.

The college further explained that at that time it would not have the available resources to abolish the gambling advertisements. The municipality of Tilburg would already have several contracts with advertising operators, and the non-compliance with these contracts could lead to claims and lawsuits.

However, the new contract for the outdoor advertising is valid from 2023. The mayor and aldermen adds Woord and from then on a ban on gambling advertisements in outdoor advertisements:

“There is currently a tender for advertisements in bus shelters and separate advertising vitrines. This is one of the biggest advertising contracts that we put on the market in Tilburg and offers the possibility of prohibiting online gambling advertisements in this contract. We will also record this prohibition. "

Minister Franc Weerwind

Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind has been working on a complete ban on unfocused gambling advertisements for some time. In March of this year, the minister explained the House of his progress to the law, which, according to Weerwind, should be finished in a year.

In addition, the gambling sector itself has already proposed a number of limitations to its advertisements. The industry organizations Noga and VNLok agreed, among other things, that the sector will stop using outdoor advertising, but that this is not yet possible due to current contracts.

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