Froot Cash Promotion at Kroon!

Today it may seem like a normal Thursday just like everyone else. But you are wrong! Today is the day of the Froots Cash promotion of Kroon Casino. The name says it all: cash fees will deal with this promotion. Enough reason to get rid of one of the special this Thursday and to enjoy that little bit extra. With a few amount you earn your tickets for the large price removal and you have a chance to get part of the $ 5,000 cash!

Dé Juicy Froots Cash Promotion

Not only your Thursday will be made a party with this promotion, the coming week you will enjoy this promotion! Namely, the promotion starts today, but continues until Friday, June 30, 1:59 am. Make sure that you are ready at 1:01 am to fight immediately for as many tickets as possible for the large price removal. Every $ 10 that you use as a player at the Froot game provides you with 1 ticket for the price trend. During the price collection, an amount of $ 5,000 will be distributed over 45 happy players. This means that you have 45 opportunities on cash prizes!

There is more..

Just when you think that life can't get better, there is again Kroon CasiFast payoutagain with that little bit extra. In addition to the favorable Froot Promotion, there is also a bonus that you can benefit this weekend! A TGIF bonus is ready for you from Friday to Sunday. With a minimum deposit of $ 10 you will receive 25% in bonus up to a total amount of $ 250. To free this from all the conditions, you only play them around 15 times, and then it is All Yours!

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