More than two tons of profit for Dutch gambler after bizarre prediction

The match between Ajax and RKC from last Sunday was already an unexpected nail biter for many football fans, but one viewer in particular probably had very hard. The gambler had set a hefty amount of $ 500 on a combination bet of Fast payoutfewer than 12 football matches at, and a victory for Ajax was the only thing between him and a win of more than two tons.

Combination bet

And, as if it had to be that way, this prediction came out in the last minute of the match thanks to a penalty from Ajax player Dušan Tadić. For most Ajax fans, the blood-curdling denouement of the Ajax-RKC match was enough for a party, but one gambler probably had the evening of his life because of his bizarre happiness.

The player had with 500 $bet on a so -called combination bet of Fast payoutfewer than twelve football matches. A combination bet means that the player only wins if his prediction of all twelve games also comes true. Due to the large amount of happiness that you must have to actually properly guess the results of twelve games correctly, gamblers generally have relatively little opting for these types of bets.


The gambler in question apparently had grinded risks, because he was willing to use 500 $at twelve Sports betting from 1 × 2. In the last match of Ajax - RKC, the player had focused on a victory from Ajax with a quotation of 1.07, which he probably regretted most of the match.

It seemed on Sunday 6 March to the 90th minute that the match between Ajax and RKC would end with a 2-2 draw. This was prevented by a Penalty from Tadić in the very last minute, which ultimately resulted in a 3-2 result for the club from Amsterdam.

Certainly of his case

The chosen combination bet on the 12 football matches ensured a total quotation of 428.60 in the Dutch online casino. The player, from Wieringerwerf, had already achieved a nice profit if he had only used $ 10 for this, but apparently with a deposit from than $ 500 he was pretty sure of his business. And rightly so, since this eventually made him $ 214,301.80 richer.

What was striking about the predictions was that the player had not chosen the favorite club in every match, but had used two of the 12 games on the Underdog. This was evident from the fact that he had bet Napoli - AC Milan at the club from Milan in the match and at Monaco - Marseille at the Monegasque football club.

The selection of these two specific clubs in his prediction caused an increase of almost twelve in the total quotation of the combination bet.

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