Gambling on your own competition, that is not allowed!

Not the gambling world, but the football world is once again in a stir. The discussions about Matchfixing, who reached a peak last year, seemed to have disappeared. But Odin'59, a football team from Heemskerk, breathed new life into it. By Gambling at their own competition

"We got the bet 20 times!"

Prior to the cup match against FC Emmen, the players of Odin ’59 are fully chatting in the group app. She would return the quotation for a profit from their own team around 20x inlay. Not bad if you use a tenner, or even a hundred $. A bit of faith in their own ability to strengthen, that couldn't hurt.

And when after the game, which Odin'59 actually won in and against Emmen, the media asked some questions, the players could not keep their mouths shut and tension. Some players admitted, consciously, they had a lot of money. Extra reason to celebrate in the dressing room. The coach added a little extra: "I was so smart not to do it, but I had done it!".

Euphoria with consequences

Unfortunately for the players of Odin ’59 it remained with this fun performance against Emmen. The club stranded against SC Heerenveen last week. But the good news show now seems to be over. The euphoric mood was also pushed in by the KNVB. The players may not have realized it, but gambling on their own match is simply not allowed and possibly even punishable.

Bron: [] KNVB may investigate gambling at its own competition at ODIN ’59

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