Gokgiljonairs before the Deputy of Den Bosch

For 5 years it has been running after them. And the FIOD. Flapper and the brothers Gregoir. Whether that is justified is doubtful. There are many suspicious facts and circumstances, but there is not everything in all those years proven. In the coming weeks, however, there will be a definitive answer if the gentlemen and many of their henchmen have to appear before the court of Den Bosch.

Profit of 50 million $by gok empirium: the background
Flapper and De Gebroeders Gregoire grew up in Geldrop and Eindhoven in Brabant. After an unprecedented success in the gambling world, it is now shaking for the gentlemen. 24 session days are planned, an unprecedented high number, at the court of Den Bosch. Not only Flapper and the Gregoires are on trial, but also a large number of people and companies around them have to appear. A number of their companies are already bankrupt, including the nicely named "Bubble Group" from Flapper. In recent years, Flapper has made a restart under the banner of the well -known slots producer Novomatic, with a subsidiary Stakelogic they founded together. In the meantime, the case just continued with the OM. One of the Gregoire brothers has been sitting for a while, but has been released again. The spectacle piece does not seem to come to an end. Unless a definitive judgment will be made. In any case, the OM seems to have all the guns and arrows ready.

How did the men gather their fortune? And what makes it suspicious?

Flapper and Gregoire built up a gambling empire at a rapid decade in the last decade that recorded record turnover and profit one after the other. They were, among other things, the founders of the now resold in Amsterdam Casino. At the time, after its foundation, this company explicitly focused on the Dutch market. And with success, because it became a hit. But it was by Fast payoutmeans pure coffee according to the OM. One is suspected of manipulation of games, payouts, fraudulent jackpots and allowing minors. That of course, apart from the fact that offering online gambling to Dutch residents is contrary to current legislation. Flapper has always denied that Amsterdams CasiFast payouthas scammed players. In addition, he thought that this was a case for the KSA, and not for the court.

See here a journal of Omroep Brabant around the case

This message is based on sources from, among others, the Algemeen Dagblad and Eindhovens Dagblad. None of what is here has been proven. The verdict is expected to arrive at the end of December.

Manhunt or justified criminal case?
Besides that the three founders of Sheriff Gaming, the society behind Amsterdam Casino, are accused of false play, there is a more serious suspicion that the OM poses: Witwassing. The three are suspected of passing on funds and evading gambling tax (there is a claim from the Tax Authorities of more than 13 million $) and other taxes. The question is with all these accusations: are they justified or not? This will be known in the coming months, when the Court in Den Bosch examines this complex case. Then it becomes clear whether the FIOD has been out of a "manhunt", why not the KSA threw itself into this and the OM and the FIOD itself. And it becomes clear whether the years of accusations are achieved or not.

Too excessive lifestyle?

Much could have been prevented if the three had not lived so striking. In the gossip circuit it is said that an unknown neighbor in the street where Flapper had his company in Eindhoven (near the regent) picked up the phone when he saw the founders crack with Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The person did not trust it and called the FIOD. Whether the story is true is just the question, but at least the FIOD seems to be tipped.

It was also known that the men inhabited Royale Villas. One of the three himself had a butler. With the money (the annual profits are listed above 10 million $), the men invested mainly in real estate in Spain and Eindhoven.




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