Incredible! Win 1 kg gold at Mr Green!

While the 10-year anniversary of Mr Green CasiFast payoutcontinues, the promotions are becoming a bit more playful again and again! This time you can win a real gold bar of Fast payoutless than 1 kilo. Do you crack the code of the safe to grab this price?

Win 1 kg of gold at Mr Green: It shouldn't get any crazier!
During this crazy promotion, you are supposed to collect codes in the game collection to hopefully get out of the bus in the live trek on 26 March. Plus, there are 4 extra prices worth $ 2000 to plunder…. This robbery can belong to anyone!

How do I play along?
1. Go to the mr green casino Promotions Pagina
2. Play at least 100 spins on all games in the game collection "Heist" to crack the code for the MR Green’s Treasure Vault. You can collect a maximum of 100 codes per day to increase your chances of winning for the Treasure-Safe draw at the end of the promotion.
3. Make sure you have on the live draw on Mr. on March 26 at 19:00. Green’s Exclusive Blackjack Table 3 tunes when Mr Green announces the lucky Gold Bar & Cash winners

Fast payoutjoke at Mr Green: a kilo of gold is for the taking! Play immediately!

Crack the code, receive a kilo of gold at home on your doormat!
Can you crack the code in the Mr Green’s Treasure Vault this month? If your code is chosen, you may walk away with 1 kg in gold, which will be delivered to you neatly at home! Serious? Yes, at the end of the month, on March 26, one code will be chosen and the gold bar will then be delivered at the door of the winner with an authenticity certificate.

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