Item about gambling addiction at 1Vandaag

Warning for the Dutch government to offer enough attention to gambling addiction
1Vandaag last Friday devoted an item to the emerging regulation of online gambling. In the coming months, the 1st Chamber will vote on the new Goks Act, which will finally replace the old regulations of 1964. Earlier the advice of former KSA drivers, "doing nothing is the bad thing there is". Now people like you actually play without regulations. That is not bad in itself, but addiction lies with Online Gambling Always lurking. The government will soon be able to take steps with the new legislation to place prevention higher on the agenda. The video item of 1Vandaag again pointed out that this is important.

Situation in England and Belgium gets out of hand
In the United Kingdom and at our southern neighbors there has been a legalized open market for years. Because much more can be made, more people also play with bookmakers and online casinos. But, this also increases the percentage of problem gamblers and addictions. For example, in England there is apparently someone who commits suicide because of being addicted to gambling. A shocking fact. The son of former professional football player Luc Nilis (Arne Nilis, ed.) Also speaks in the fragment. He actually explains the best. The bad gambling addiction, and the more it may occur as more people start gambling (a consequence of legalization); Not regulating is the worst option. There is then Fast payoutprevention and Fast payoutsupervision.

The full article of EenVandaag on the new GOKWET and addiction

How do you prevent gambling addiction and what do you do when you have it?
Op This page about gambling addiction Read more about how you can recognize the signals of gambling addiction. There are also links to authorities where you can go with your addiction to seek help. That is always a very important step: recognizing the problem and then tackling it. Nobody benefits from addiction. You do gambling for your pleasure, and in moderation. Just like you do with alcohol.

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