Jack’s main sponsor of the Life song Festival for ten years

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June the festival of the life song will be held again in Tilburg. It is the tenth year that Jack’s CasiFast payout& Sports The main sponsor will become of the biggest free festival in the Dutch -speaking song.

Signing the contract

It will be the tenth time that the Jack’s gambling site and the Festival of the Song of Life will enter into a collaboration. On the website of the festival you can read that the two parties are "a golden combination", so that they have joined forces many times in the past.

The sponsor contract was signed this week. Eric Olders, CEO of Jack’s, vice -president of the Bas Tilburg festival and singer René Schuurmans were present. Schuurmans has been one of the most popular artists in the public since the first edition of the festival, and will be there again this year.

The thirtieth birthday

In addition to the ten -year existence of the collaboration between Jack’s and the festival of the life song, there is a second anniversary that will be celebrated. The event will celebrate its thirtieth birthday this year. This would normally have happened in 2020, but had to be postponed twice due to the ongoing Corona Pandemie.

The big boss of Jack’s, Eric Olders, indicates in the news item on the website of the festival that he looks great of the edition number thirty.

“Jack’s supports the city of Tilburg, where the roots of our company are located, and the festival a warm heart. We are therefore proud that we give this anniversary an extra festive touch with a special surprise in programming. We are just a little bigger than people are used to from the Jack’s Festival of the Song of Life. Think of it as a gift from Jack’s to the city of Tilburg. "

Other events

The festival of the life song is not the first event or competition that Jack’s has supported its support. In addition, the Dutch online casino The Jack’s League, the Second Football Division in the USA and the largest combined car, motorcycle and cart race event in Europe: Jack’s Racing Day.

Like many other gambling sites, she has also engaged a number of ambassadors who represent the platform. At the moment they are Robert Doornbos, Rafael van der Vaart and recently also Jack van Gelder.

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