JVH Gaming & Entertainment receives two new KSA permits

Earlier this week, the Gaming Authority came up with the news that Joi I Limited and Joi II Limited received a permit from the regulator for offering online games of chance. Both companies fall under the JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group, which you know again as the group behind Jack’s CasiFast payoutJack’s Casino & Sports.


JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group has two new online gambling companies, Joi I Limited and Joi II Limited, founded for the CasiFast payoutFranchise Flash and a second, still unknown gambling site. On 15 February, the two companies received both a permit from the Gaming Authority to enter the online gambling market.

JVH did this before with Joi Gaming, who went live with Jack’s CasiFast payout& Sports at the end of November 2021. Eric Olders, CEO of JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group, said that one of the two permits will be used to set up an online gambling platform for the physical casiFast payoutchain Flash online Casino. What exactly the website will be called is not yet known. However, the manager said he was very pleased with the good news:

“We are very pleased that after all the hard work we have our permits and complete. It was an intense process that we have been working on for a long time. Lots of respect for this enormous job and the patience of our team. The focus can now fully build the business. We look really like that. "


So it remains to be seen until the official name for the Flash gambling site is unveiled, although it would not surprise us if a simple name such as "Flash CasiFast payoutOnline" was chosen. Flash and Jack’s are not the only land -bound chains that JVH has in his hands, this also includes Flamingo Casino.

Since the online variant of Flash and the still unknown third gambling site will become so -called "sister sites" of Jacks, we assume that the same platform will be used for the construction of the websites. In the case of Jack’s, this is the OYX platform, in which, among other things, games and other aspects of Igaming developers can be added in a simple way.


Which play providers will join the two new gambling sites has not yet been revealed. In all likelihood, they will contain many similar providers such as jackets. The online part of Flash is expected to have a lot of slots Slots will have at home, since the physical casinos of Flash are known for this.

Also the question of whether on the Flash CasiFast payoutwebsite and the third party Sports betting will be offered, as with Jacks, has not yet been answered. If this is the case, they will probably, just like Jacks, use the technology of Kimba to make this possible.

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