KansiFast payoutreleases new advertising with BN-ers van der Meer, Roelvink and Weening

Just before the use of role models in gambling advertisements is prohibited, has kansino Three well -known Dutch know how to tie for their new commercial. BN-ers Ruben van der Meer, Dries Roelvink and Dennis Weening play the lead roles in advertising.


A hard work is currently underway on a change in the law to ban the use of role models in gambling advertisements. However, this has not stopped the Goksite Kansino, before this change starts, to produce a new advertisement with a number of BN people.

This is about the three Ruben van der Meer, Dries Roelvink and Dennis Weening who have recently been seen in the new KansiFast payoutcommercial. For the time being, the advertising can only be viewed via social media platforms. Unlike gambling sites such as Toto and BetCity, it is the first time that they use role models for Kansino.

Dancing in a Rain from Confetti

The three men play in the new advertisement of it online Casino The well -known game hints, in which players must guess a person or object without using words. It is up to Dennis Weening to portray the well -known slot machine Book of Dead, which is soon guessed by Dries Roelvink and Ruben van der Meer.

The trio is then topped with confetti while they dance together, a well-known image of the earlier conscientious advertisements where winning players already did this. Although this is currently the only advertisement in which we see the trio together, it could well be that more commercials will be added with them in the coming period. This can be deduced from the fact that Ruben van der Meer suddenly wears a different outfit towards the end of the video than at the beginning.

Stop role models

A decision has already been made by Minister of Legal Protection Franc Weerwind not to allow the use of role models in advertisements within the gambling industry from 30 June. This means that the new advertising from KansiFast payoutmay not be seen anywhere from this date. In an interview with the Financieel Dagblad, the minister explained his decision on the prohibition of role models:

“The law sets standards for the use of role models. They may not be aimed at young people who are 25 years old or younger. But we see that the sector is stretching the boundaries. They do not use a well-known football player of the moment, but former footballers who are still very popular with a young audience. My conclusion is that we have to set sharp, clear standards. So we will stop role models. "

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