KSA brings bonus conditions gambling sites to the attention

In a new blog article on their website, the Gaming authority (KSA) Players to read well about the conditions of bonuses of gambling sites. The article mentions a number of different Bonuses which are often distributed by the websites, and which snacks are connected to this.

The small print

The aim of the news article is to make players aware that the bonuses of online gambling sites are not always as attractive if they may seem initially. By reading the small print well before they agree, players can prevent them from ending up in a nasty situation later. If players on a platform encounter a promotion that is against the rules, they can indicate this at the KSA.

In addition, according to the KSA, it is the task and responsibility of the online Casino To clearly inform visitors about all the conditions. The promotions should of course never focus on groups that can be vulnerable or encourage players to continue playing. To give an example of this, the KSA mentions welcome and loyalty bonuses.

Welcome and loyalty bonuses

For example, Bonus up to $250es, which often consist of extra play money, a free bet or better odds, would often be stuck to a "playing requirement" according to the KSA. This means that players only get paid if the gifts have been used a specific number of times. According to the supervisor, this entails the danger that visitors to gambling sites can suffer great losses before they actually receive their promotions.

The KSA has also looked at the many loyalty promotions, which are given to players when they come back to the same provider more often. These promotions usually come in the form of a free spins or bets, deposit bonuses and cashbacks. It is of course Fast payoutcoincidence that players only qualify for these bonuses if they remain a loyal visitor to their favorite gambling site for a longer period of time. In their article, the KSA therefore emphasizes the danger that this type of action entails.

Report a problem

The message is concluded with a number of general terms and conditions that are often associated with promotions: amounts that players must deposit on their account before they receive their bonus, specific periods in which they can be used and that some bonuses are connected to a limited number of games.

If you are a fan of gambling sites and you come across something that you think is not entirely true, you can pass this on on the website of the Gaming Authority. You can do this on the problem with a game of chance page, where you can report a problem with a game of chance, a misleading sale or suspicion of money laundering or match fixing.

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