Many new gambling sites at OC24 this week!

Maybe you had already noticed it, but Fast payoutfewer than 3 new websites appeared on OC24 this week. Karamba has been back, and Hopa and Magicred have been new! Try this one casino’s Quick!

The 3 new casinos at OC24!

Splinternieuwe casino’s: register and try them!
It is always nice to have a new one online Casino to try. Not only can you have a chance to win a bonus that you could never get before, it is also always refreshing to see what is coming on the market. And this time it is, we must honestly say, a bit of the same. All 3 brands mentioned above are from the same producer. But do not be sad. That does not matter! For example, do you already have an account Karamba, then you can still become a member and receive the bonus at Magic Red and/or Hopa. And vice versa this also applies. So grab those opportunities and quickly create those accounts!

Did you know that Karamba was away from the USA for a while but is now back! Karamba was previously one of the most popular brands in the USA, and will be that again!

Which of the 3 is the most interesting?
Well, that is of course always a question that is subjective. It depends on what you think! We are very pleased with Karamba, because it is too Sports betting offers. But is also a very nice fire: the bonus is a bit smaller than at Magicred, but you can play a lot of scratch cards, for example. Extra fun at Magic Red is again the bonus: it is exclusive for OC24 players 200% to 500 $, 2.5x as high as at Karamba and Hopa. The choice is yours! And if you don't want to choose, you just play at all 3 casinos!

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