Manual to prevent disappointments in online casinos

We sometimes get messages from players who are at online Casino’s have had a bad experience. Fortunately it doesn't happen often, but it happens. But what goes wrong? And how can you prevent these experiences? We are happy to explain it to you in this blog.

2% of the players have a nasty experience in the casino. In 90% of those cases this is because players are often not aware of important things: these are things that could have been prevented

“Never play with this website: they are scammers”

At we do not often receive messages from players, but if they are messages, then they are usually complaints. And they are often full of emotion. Players indicate that they feel cheated. But when we look at where things go wrong, then we almost always have to conclude that it is not the error of the website, but often of the player. Precious, and sometimes really miniscule, painful mistakes, sometimes with major consequences. We want to save you as a player for that. Once and for all. So that you prevent these disappointments.

The most common disappointment and most made mistake: accepting a bonus without knowing the rules!
On 1 it is absolutely accepting a bonus. As a player you have the choice to make a deposit and accept the bonus, or to make a deposit and not to accept the bonus. The website does not give you that choice, and you get the Bonus Automatic, then you can ask customer service for a Bonus Removal before you continue playing. So do not play in this case until you have confirmation that the bonus will disappear. This is important!

Well, players who do accept or want a bonus: make sure you know every letter of the Terms and Conditions bonus. Often they can already be read here on OC24 in the review bonus column, but they are also on the CasiFast payoutwebsite anyway. Unfortunately, there have been many players in the past who are labeled by an online casiFast payoutas "bonus abusers". These are players who deliberately play robotic or even fraud to make the online casiFast payoutthe bonus. That used to be a bit easier because the rules were not yet strict.

Because of this behavior of these bonus abusers, online casinos made a list of conditions that you have to meet you want to be able to cash out the bonus. For example, it often states that your wagging does not apply to roulette or blackjack or that you are not allowed to play with bets higher than 10 $per spin to prevent big wins that can be triggered from the bonus. If you do this, the casiFast payoutcan declare your entire bonus invalid and therefore also your profits! And you don't want that. Is the casiFast payoutunfair or a scammers society? No, by Fast payoutmeans. They just follow their regulations, and you as a player must do that if you want the bonus. If you don't feel like those rules, then you can play much better without a bonus.

Do not accept a bonus if you do not want to be stuck with regulations. And if you do play with a bonus, always make sure you are aware of the Terms and Conditions!

Another common frustration: paying out profits
Some complaints that come in are about paying out profits. Frustrated players who complain about a casiFast payoutthat "does not cooperate smoothly with paying out profits" or "continues to ask for documents". Yes, it is certainly true that depositing money is a lot easier than paying out the first time.

That's because an online casiFast payoutwants to make it as easy as possible to register. They want new customers and 1 way to achieve that is to ensure a fast registration process. As a player, you appreciate that, because you want to play as quickly as possible. But now it comes. An online casiFast payouthas a license in, for example, Malta or England, and they must have sufficient data from that license holder (and also from the EU). They must receive their customers (you, the player) compliant, i.e.: have your passport, a copy of your bank account statement and/or energy bill so that your personal data, address and bank details are verified.

That moment of testing always comes to pour out the first time. Nobody escapes that. You really don't want to frustrate the casino. They are simply mandatory. If an online casiFast payoutwould still ask for the second payment, yes then they are wrong and you have reason to complain. Or, if your casiFast payouthas a poorly accessible customer service, then you have reason to complain. But sending documents is simply a mandatory thing, and that's a good thing!

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