Mr green all-inclusive summer vacation

Mr green all-inclusive summer vacation

From the bustling streets of London, to the romantic alleys of Paris or to the special, crazy roads of Madrid, win your side of everything. Every week one happy Globetrotter can choose from six destinations and make an unforgettable European trip. This ensures some extra summer pleasure. In addition, another 50 players are selected randomly and these are awarded brilliant cash prizes.

It is the Mr Green All-inclusive summer vacation. With some extra fun cash prizes on top, a fantastic way to strengthen the end of the summer and something to look forward to.

Dream Green!

Mr Green’s Lucky Roulette Songs

This promotion runs from August 14 (yes, it has already started) 00: 00h cest until August 18, 23: 49h cest. So be quick before you miss it, because there is still plenty to win this week.

Players can use and win on Mr Green's daily happy roulette numbers. With this they can get a fine boost of $ 20 in cash in their account. Every day, the date of that day, is also the happy number of the day, so 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Every time the lucky number falls, Mr Green will increase the profit of the player with an extra $ 20. Nice detail, there is Fast payoutlimit for how many times a player can bet on Mr Green's lucky numbers.

The only question remains, how Lucky will you feel the coming days?

Mr Green’s Spectaculaire Circus Roulette

This promotion is already running and stops on August 25 at 02:00 CEST

Ladies and gentlemen, the world -famous ringmaster Mr Green proudly presents one of his biggest spectacles of the year - live circus roulette. Mr Green artists will enchant you as a player and pamper with their exotic arts and up to 400 free spins in wonderful rewards.

Mr Green’s Loco Roulette Fiesta

This promotion is also running and will end on August 27 at 11:59 pm CEST.

The Mariachi band plays "La Bamba", the salsa is "Muy Caliente" and the Mr Green Piñata is filled with Manyo free spins (lots of free spins). They do pretty crazy at Mr Green and have chosen to make 400 free spins available at "Spinata Grande" and this is something that every player is possible during the entire promotion.

An all-inclusive holiday, extra cash and lots of free spins, Mr Green does his best for her players!

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