Norwegian woman wins $ 74,076 with $ 0.40 Spin!

How big do you consider the chance that with a single spider worth $ 0.40 cents you achieve a profit of more than $ 70k?! With a little common sense you would say that this opportunity is virtually nil. Nevertheless, a female player from Norway managed to achieve a win of $ 74,076.81 with one spider. This woman also took a profit with one of the largest profit percentages in the history of Casumo home! Fantastic, isn't it?!

But how?

It was 7 June around 8 p.m. in the evening when the Norwegian woman opened an account at Casumo. This turned out to be her first time that she has ever played in an online casino. She did not know what to expect. For each player, such a profit would be a huge surprise, you have to check if you have Fast payoutidea of what you are starting. She first took a gamble by playing Starburst, where she almost immediately made a mere win of her first deposit. She decided to include part of this and invest the remaining amount in Mega Fortune Dreams. When Casumo spoke to her, she said she didn't know about the existence of the Mega Jackpot until she won it. Immediately she shared the memorable fact with her husband, who first thought she had lost a large amount of money. Both were pretty shock when the bizarre phenomenon reached their awareness.

What will happen to the profit?

This was one of the first questions that Casumo was happy to ask the lady. She told them that she and her husband live fairly quietly and average and she only works part -time. Wise if the Norwegian lady is the amount won directly to a savings account, at least for now. Upcoming autumn there is a wonderful trip on the schedule. The hotel where they will stay is one where they would like to spend the night for a long time.

Do you also want to have a chance?

We can understand that this story has made you pretty tasty and that you would also like to take a chance at Casumo. As a new player, this becomes extra attractive with the welcome offer of Casumo. That is, 20 free spins for Starburst and a bonus worth $ 1,200 are waiting for you!

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