DE-DECemberstresses at Spinit!

With the holidays on the doorstep, the holiday stress is also lurking. For those who already get a headache with the thought of Christmas decorations, Sinterklaas presents and gourmeten for three days, Spinit has an alternative. You can collect a number of bonuses during the week. For example, how about a 50 % deposit bonus on Friday and free spins on Wednesday?

On Monday you can even earn up to 100 $extra play money! If that is not a good excuse to leave the December obligations behind you, we don't know anymore. And if it doesn't work out this week, you can also go there again next week. These promotions are repeated weekly.

    How can I get the weekly bonuses at Spinit?

    Which bonus is available depends on the day your spinit visits. There are three different CasiFast payoutbonuses:

    • A deposit bonus on Monday (50 % extra play money up to 100 $)
    • A free spins on Wednesday, every week for another slot
    • A weekend bonus from 50% to 100 $and 20 Free spins.

    You can already get these extras with an insert from 10 $. So you certainly do not have to have a well -filled wallet to take a chance. And with these bonuses it becomes a bit more exciting to put a card on a blackjack table or to go for the jackpot on one of the many slots. For this you really don't have to be on your PC continuously, because you can also enjoy all kinds on your tablet or smartphone casiFast payoutgames. So let that chocolate fees just ignore and give yourself a nice surprise at Spinit in December!

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