Play with Treasure Hunt at Oranje Casino!

Oranje CasiFast payoutpresents the Blackjack Mystery Week to all its players: Treasure Hunt! Do you receive the Treasure cards? Then you have a chance to win cool cash prizes!

What should you do?
Play this week BlackJack Treasure Hunt! From today, Monday, April 23, 2:00 am to Friday 27 April at 2:00 am, theme mystery cards will be placed in the shoe and every mystery map that appears at the Live Blackjack Treasure Hunt Table gives you points. At the end of the promotion, the top 5 players on the Leaderboard are rewarded with cash prizes. 8 (3 treasure cards, 3 folder cards and 2 compass cards) Mystery cards are specially designed for this promotion and placed in the shoe. Every shared mysterious card will reward the player with points as indicated below:

The Treasure Treasure Card gives you 100 points.
The Treasure Mapkaart will give you 30 points.
The Treasure Compass Card reduces your total by 50 points.

What can I win?
The top 5 players Plowing casino On the Leaderboard are rewarded with cash prizes:

1st Price: $ 1000
2nd Price: $ 800
3rd Price: $ 600
4th Price: $ 400
5th Price: $ 200

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