Player wins almost $ 11,000 at Slotmillion Casino

Pour $ 200 and win almost $ 11,000. It is the dream of every gambler. But Jordy from Tilburg proved that it is possible. He sent us this story exclusively. Read it with pleasure. It proves that you are in a Online CasiFast payoutUSA not only can win a lot, but also that you can protect yourself by one cashout lock die slotsmillion casino The only company has!

$ 4500 with Book of Dead, and then $ 5000 with online roulette
The story starts on an ordinary Monday evening. Jordy, a fanatic player, decides to create an account via at Slotmillion. “I like to change online gambling website. Then you get another one Bonus And you can start again with a fresh start. In addition, Slotmillion appealed to me because of the large lock offer. " Slotmillion offers around 1200 Online slots. Alone Unibet, in Dunder have more. "But", Jordy continues his great story to us ... "I found out that you have one at Slotmillion cashout lock have. That means that when you do a withdrawal (payout), you can lock it. Usually you can deposit the amount back for up to 2 days after the application for many websites. I do that regularly. To protect yourself, you can prevent this at Slotmillion. That works really perfect! ”

"I always start with the Book of Dead slot machine"
“At all online sites where I deposit money, I always start with Book or Dead. Many friends of mine find it an incredibly boring game. But I think it's great. Sure, it really can't give you anything for years. But if the three "books" fall and you get the bonus game, then it is usually really cash register. And that happened now. I received three books, and in the 10 gratis round spins Fell another 2x 3 books, so I got a total of 30 spins. In addition, Book of Dead also gave me the second highest symbol as a "wild symbol". Because of this it was possible that I finally won more than 4000 $with a bet of $ 2! Unprecedented of course. ”

A real gambler takes a little risk!
“You often stop when you have won a lot, and then losing something again. That's your wake up call. My motto is therefore: as long as it goes well, you continue to play. Otherwise you will never win much. And if you have a win, you should actually play roughly. Only in this way can you really achieve a big result. So, I closed Book or Dead and went roulette to play. I always play my favorite songs, such as 8, 10, 11, 13, 23, 26, 29, 32. In other words, as I say that; I built a snake on the small series. PATS, PATS, PATS, every time the roulette wheel gave me 1 of my used songs. Bizarre! After being in more than 10,000 $, I thought it was enough ... "

Do you hardly believe the story? The pictures below actually show the story best ...

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