Regulation Online Casinos is still waiting

2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. All dates in which the new Gaming Act would be built. But he didn't come. And even in 2018, the amended Goks Act will probably not be there yet. The 2nd Chamber of the previous government already passed the new law. But the 1st Chamber was so very slow that, now that there have been new elections, the law will be postponed again. If the 1st Chamber starts to stop the bill, the entire game will start again and the new cabinet - which currently has to be formed - must again consider the law.

New government with the center-right majority positive for the gambling law?

It is expected that the VVD will play at CDA, D66 and a 4th party. GroenLinks will get the first chance, but there is little chance that this party will commit to a right cabinet. It is more likely that the chance of success with the CU is larger. If we look at the seat distribution, of which the 1st and 2nd room are the reflection of, it looks good. Parties such as D66, VVD, PVV, PvdA and GroenLinks are for a regulation. That seems to be the first chamber issue.

However, if one of the parties, for example GroenLinks and PvdA, or the PVV, will withdraw the support, the bill will return to the House again. And then there is a small threat. The CDA is a big opponent of regulation (as well as the ChristenUnie). The chance is considerable that a CDA ’, perhaps even party leader Sybrand Buma, will lead the Ministry of Justice. This is a often claimed territory of the CDA. And that would be bad if the gambling law was back at the 2nd room. Earlier, the law already experienced a lot of delay and especially opposition from PvdA ’there May Li Vos.

Which bill is there?

For you as a player it is of course good to know what the new gambling law entails. Well, he entails a lot of things. The law states to regulate the market. Now it is, and it has been since 1968, that there is a monopoly in the USA. This means that a limited number of government organizations have the exclusive right to offer games of chance and to market it to the Dutch citizen. Think of the Holland Casino, the Postcode Loterij, De Staatsloterij, the gambling halls such as Jacks CasiFast payoutand the Toto for sports betting.

Soon, with the new legislation, this will Fast payoutlonger be the case. Then all online casino, sports betting and other gambling providers can be eligible for a license. All online Casino’s That you can find on, for example, already offer their games, to the Dutch customer, without having a specific license for the USA. However, these online casinos are not illegal at the moment; They are tolerated by a watchdog, the gambling authority. He ensures that the products are not too aimed at Dutch people.

The current tolerance situation: online casinos in English

For example, when visiting an online casino, such as Dunder, Invoice of Leovec Whether all those other online providers have noticed that you are spoken in English and that the website is also entirely in English. This is one of the conditions for these companies to allow you as a Dutchman. The other condition is that foreign casinos are not allowed to do marketing in the USA. So Fast payoutadvertisements in the newspaper, on the radio or on TV, nor sponsorship. Favorable for the casinos is that they are currently not paying taxes to the Dutch state.

If the regulation comes, this will be overhauled. In exchange for a license, the casinos must pay 29% tax on profit. They may, however, go market their product. Sometime in 2019, when the new law comes, you will see much more advertising on TV, in football stadiums and on large websites.

What else changes for you as a player?

The online casinos will also have to adhere to stricter rules to better protect you as a consumer against yourself. You know that game can sometimes be a bit addictive. Then you go too far if you have already lost a lot. Or you play way too many hours a day. That will be prevented later. On one can the internet casinos have to make you as a player aware of your playing behavior. E.g. By showing how much you have won or lost, per day, and in total. Or by showing, for example, how long you play.
Most websites already warn you when you have played too long. This way you get a pop -up message at Mr Green and Kroon CasiFast payoutif you play more than an hour in a row. "Time for a cup of coffee"? If you are then asked, for example, you can also be finally unsubscribed at many online casinos. Mr Green is already very far in this. This casiFast payoutknows that the better they already behave, the easier for them to get a license.

Do you want to know more about gambling legislation and the consequences for you as a player? Ask your question in our forum!

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