Win SlotsMillion Lunch Break Spins!

The clock ticks ... slowly ... you look the edge of your hands that are getting closer and closer ... You didn't realize that time could pass so slowly, so incredibly slow ... but then ... three ... two ... one ... BAM! Lunch time! The possible best part of the day! You throw all that boring paperwork in the air and march towards the lunchroom. The time has come for food and pleasure. B They thought that SlotsMillion also. That is why they have come up with the Slotmillion Lunch Break!

SlotsMillion Lunch break

At Slotmillion they also love lunch time. So to celebrate that, they have devised a nice lunch break with which you can earn free spins. As a player in the 'Slotmorgasbord' of games dives during the lunch break and get completely caught up in the magical worlds of the game that can offer their slots (and keep you busy), they give you 20 free spins for every deposit that you have between 11.00 And 1 pm! How to work Free spins?


Just grab your lunch, log in at Slotmillion on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, make that deposit during lunch hours and the Slotmillion Support team to receive the free spins. This is just as easy and delicious as obtaining a piece of the "final tage pie"! It is always nice to get something without having to put too much effort. So go for it, enjoy - a lunch break that really matters and you not only physically, but also financially served.

Terms and Conditions / Conditions

  • Promotion is valid every Monday to Friday between 11 am to 1 pm in the local time zone.
  • Promotion valid on any deposit - Fast payoutupper limit, but a minimum deposit $ 20.
  • Slotmillion reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion and its general terms and conditions at any time, for whatever reason. It is the customer's responsibility to look at changes and updates. - !!!
  • Slotmillion reserves the right to exclude each player of this promotion, to close his or her account and to confiscate existing funds if evidence of abuse or fraud has been found.
  • The original text of these general terms and conditions is in English. If there are discrepancies in the translated versions of the general terms and conditions, the original English version will have priority.
  • Currency settlements are calculated according to the following example: $ 10, $ 10, 100 kr.
  • Furthermore, the general terms and conditions apply.
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