Sweet 27 Cash Drop!

There is Fast payoutbetter combination than a lot of fun with cash prices and a sweet final game. Nothing tastes sweeter than the new Sweet 27 final game. To give this game a warm welcome and to celebrate this happy fact Mr Green A very nice promotion for you in store. That is why cash will be scattered in the coming days. That is, keep an eye on your account, because before you know it, a very nice present will be added to your current play credit!

Cash Drop Fun at Mr Green

Mr Green likes to spoil his players. We see that every week again at the ever -expanding range and the recingent bonuses. This time it is a bonus specially reserved for sweet tooth. Are you also such a big fan of sweets and the water is already in your mouth when you think of that bar of chocolate or bag of candy in your closet?! Don't wait any longer and try the Sweet 27 final game.

Take advantage of exclusive cash drops!

Do you want to enjoy cash prizes that can suddenly appear on your account? Then make sure that during the promotion period, which runs from 28 June to 2 July, you try this new final game yourself and have a chance!

$ 5,000 prize pool

If you have played the final game 27 during the promotional period, there is a good chance that you will end up as one of the 50 lucky players. Mr Green will visit a number of random accounts to drop a total of $ 5,000 here. To qualify for the cash drop you need to play 25 spins for real money. After the promotion, Mr Green will then distribute $ 5,000 over 50 happy players. These prices range from $ 20 to $ 750.

What’s more…?

At Mr Green it never stops with a single promotion, which is why there will also be more to experience this week in the online casiFast payoutof Mr Green.

Last Monday, for example, Mr Green transformed himself into a professor and brewed some magical drinks for you. After hours of mixing and experimenting, he found the perfect mix, namely: half a cup of tension, 100 ml with pleasure and $ 10,000 in cash prices! Make your way to the top of the Leaderboard up to and including 30 June and win the grand prize of $ 1,500.

In addition, Mr Green is very happy with his new addition: Sunny Shores Slot. To celebrate this, he gives another $ 35,000 in cash. Collect as much Sunny Wilds as possible and swim up to the top 50 of the Leaderboard. You have until July 6 to get your place!

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