Up to 1 million $in Christmas gifts at Mr Green

Saint Nicholas is gone, but that other man with a red hat did not sit still. Santa Claus is because of his gifts, but 1 million $in gifts is lost above the house of Mr Green. It is up to you to find it and you know: what you find, you can keep!

All kinds of Bonuses, gadgets and even complete vacations have landed somewhere at Mr Green. Mr Green does not know exactly where, and not Santa Claus either. Every day a new price appears in it Online casino, in the Live casino At the sports betting. If you want to help Santa Claus as well as possible to find the gifts (and also your own account), then you will have to come by every day.

    You will win prizes at Mr Green until December 28!

    But that is worth it, because Santa Claus lost Nespresso machines, travel vouchers and bonuses up to 10,000 $. Say honestly :: Who doesn't want that? The promotion is running from November 17, so many prizes have already been found. But the closer to Christmas, the more interesting the gifts. The promotion runs until December 28. So what are you waiting for? Take those prices with Mr Green!

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