Holland CasiFast payoutand Toto Most viewed gambling advertisements of October

If you have the idea that there was Fast payoutescaping gok advertisements on Dutch television in October, then you are probably not the only one. The television advertisements of Dutch online gamble parties were viewed almost 314 million times in October. The number 1 place was for the advertising of Toto with Hans Klok and Kim Feenstra in the lead, with number 2 the advertising campaign “Now it will be exciting” of Holland Casino. The budget for both campaigns rose to the millions of $.

The first legal Dutch online gambling sites were launched in the following weeks after the opening of the Dutch Gaming Market on 1 October. There are now a total of 9 gambling sites active, with names such as BetCity, KansiFast payoutand Bet365 in addition to Toto and Holland Casino. The gambling advertisements on Dutch television focus primarily on creating brand awareness now that it is possible for the gambling websites to operate legally.

It will probably not be a coincidence that Holland and Toto, who are both state participations, had by far the largest budget and number of advertisements. This has been shown by statistics released by Nielsen, a company that provides media and marketing information to external parties and further focuses on conducting viewing and listening research.

The hard figures

According to Nielsen's research, the advertising budget of Holland CasiFast payoutrose to 3.5 million $in October, although the state -owned company probably received a substantial discount on this. Toto was not far behind, with an account of 2.8 million $for the company's advertising campaigns that is part of the Dutch Lottery. Finally, we find KansiFast payoutwith her "Yes, Batavia!"-Advertising in third place with a modest catalog value of not even 800,000 million $.

# Gokite License Live sinds Estimated advertising budget Oct 2021
1 Holland Casino And 4 October $3.440.000
2 Toto And October 2nd $2.820.000
3 Sews And October 6 $790.000
4. BetCity And October 2nd $660.000
5. tombola And 21st of October $340.000
6. Fair Play And October 8 $310.000

In October, according to Nielsen's research, Fast payoutless than 153 million $became Dutch television advertisements. If we grab our calculator, we can see that the 8.4 million $that Dutch gambling sites have cumulatively spent only 5% of the total picture. Although there is currently a lot of criticism, from both the public and politics, on the quantity of advertisements aimed at Dutch gambling websites, 5% are still not too bad.

Displays of advertisements

Although Holland had the deepest bags of all parties, the Toto campaigns were again the most viewed. The commercials, in which big names such as Wesley Sneijder, Hans Klok and Kim Feenstra can be seen, were seen more than 147 million times by Dutch television viewers in October.

The "Now it will be exciting" commercials of Holland casiFast payoutonline would have gathered a considerably lower number of 88.8 million views. These figures have been calculated by multiplying the number of advertisements of the gambling sites by the number of viewers that every program had when a commercial was shown.

# casino Live sinds Subsections $ per display
1 Toto October 2nd 147.100.000 $0,019
2 Holland 4 October 88.700.000 $0,039
3 kansino October 6 36.300.000 $0,022
4. Fair Play October 8 20.000.000 $0,016
5. BetCity October 2nd 11.700.000 $ 0,056
6. tombola 21st of October 10.000.000 $ 0,034

Play according to the rules

With budgets of several millions and views of hundreds of millions, you would almost think that the websites did not fully adhere to the rules imposed. But nothing could be further from the truth, according to the data that has kept track of whether the commercials have not focused on viewers under the age of 24.

For example, commercials of the gambling websites may only be shown from 21:00 and they may never be intended for the age category 18 to 24, which is often referred to as young adults. The online gaming market has intended to get a maximum of 30% out of young adults from its total number of views. With an average quantity of 6.5% for viewers under 23, according to the data from Nielsen, they have adhered nicely to this.

# Gokite License Live sinds % viewers under 24 years old
1 Fair Play And 4 October 4%
2 Toto And October 2nd 4%
3 Holland casiFast payout And 4 October 6%
4. kansino And October 6 6%
5. tombola And 21st of October 9%
6. BetCity And October 2nd 10%

Program Categories

With the entry of the legal gambling market in the USA, the gambling advertisements seem to be broadcast mainly in the tranquility of football matches, and then largely during the match of the Champions League. Research by Nielsen, however, shows that the amount of commercials for gambling sites in the other program categories is even higher than with sport.

For example, it appears that almost half of all gambling advertisements during programs from the non-fiction category, including talk shows and game programs, are broadcast. The fiction category, including feature films and fictional TV programs, is in second place with almost a quarter of the total number of advertisements. Only in place number three do we find sport, which is good for a segment of just over 20%. However, this percentage is by definition lower than the first two categories, because there are not sports-related programs to see every evening.

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