Trump it now live at Enzo Casino!

Nobody is so much in the news, and was so much in the news in 2017 as The One and Only, Donald Trump! Four years ago he was an influential, unsuspecting billionaire in New York, critical of Obama's policy. Nowadays he has been taking a seat in the White House for more than 1 year, as the most powerful man on the ground.

But there is also a lot of spot driven with Trump. His hair, his skin color, his facial expression and statements are food for sarcasm, irony and jokes. Fugaso, a game developer, played nicely on the dynamics around Trump, by turning it into a slot machine. "Trump it" is called the cupboard, and it is now playable at one of our favorite casinos, Enzo Casino!

From president to slot machine

The question is whether Donald Trump himself knows about the existence of this slot machine. The chance seems considerable, because Trump is quite sensitive about all that is written, posted or made about him. This way he seems to watch more TV shows than news discussions.

Fugaso has made a nice slot machine with Trump IT. Although we find the background music a bit monotonous, the dolls that form the symbols are very funny. Especially because they also play a role in the real world, or played, in Trump's life. Melania Trump, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are the protagonists, supplemented with a stereotype Mexican, because Trump hates it. In addition, there are the letter T, R, U, M and P. Of course the paylines are mainly combinations of the same symbols, and in the case of the letters when the name form as far as possible.

Play at Enzo CasiFast payoutand pack 150% to $ 1500 bonus!

Trump is of course a multi billionaire. In that respect, Enzo fits casino Good at Trump, because this casiFast payoutgives a very high bonus. You will also have to deposit something for it, but then you also have something! And what could be nicer than playing the Trump IT slot machine immediately? Make sure you deposit enough, then you can also win enough! Trump himself took a lot of risk by investing in real estate, sometimes with loans and constructions. It has given him a fortune, and now also a lot of power. Are you also a Trumpian figure who takes a risk?

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