Unibet finally receives a permit from KSA and is allowed to live again

The famous gambling site Unibet, who was Fast payoutlonger available in the USA since September 2021, has received its permit from the Gaming Authority after a long waiting time. She is the 19th party that joined the legal Dutch online gambling market.

Cooling Down-periode

It is not the first time for the company that it enters the Dutch Gaming Market. For the legalization of the sector, Unibet was a well-known name for many players, but with the entrance to the remote-law gambling on Bonus up to $250, she was forced to take its platform offline within the USA.

This had to do with the fact that Unibet had not yet received a permit from the KSA on 1 October 2021, and so could be fined if it would choose to continue without a license. The gambling platform was in a so-called "cool down period" that, in addition to a hefty fine, was imposed by the KSA.

Sanctions of the KSA

Unibet received these sanctions after it had not adhered to the rules and would have focused illegally on Dutch players before 1 October 2021. This would have done the gambling site through, among other things, Dutch -language customer service and payments with ideal to offer.

However, the gambling platform did not agree with the sanctions imposed and initially announced that she wanted to object to this, but eventually returned to this decision. Now the waiting is finally over and Unibet is the first game to receive a permit from the KSA after a Cooling Down period.

A big and important player

Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Unibet, is very pleased with receiving the license. In a press release, he further indicated that the USA is a large and important player within the European Gaming Market:

“We are pleased that we have received a Dutch permit. The USA is a large and important European market for Kindred Group. Over the past ten years, we have committed ourselves to a permit system in the USA and other markets. We now have a permit in 20 jurisdictions. Now the time is to show in the USA that we can offer games online in a safe and responsible way.

As one of the largest listed online gambling providers in the world, we want to use our knowledge and experience to make an active contribution to a safe Dutch online gambling sector. In addition, we invest in research and technology to continuously improve the quality of our supply and platform. ”

Unibet Impact

Anne-Jaap Snijders, Chief Commercial Officer at Unibet, announced the establishment of Unibet Impact in the same press release. This is a unique program with which Unibet will collaborate in the USA with both social and amateur and top sport organizations.

According to Anne-Jaap, with Unibet Impact, the gambling site wants to focus on “Responsible Games, prevention of match fixing and promoting Dutch sport and culture”.

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