Do you win the $ 5000 Live CasiFast payoutJackpot at MR Green?

Mr Green has a great promotion for the Dutch Live CasiFast payoutenthusiasts in store again. This time you can win a jackpot of Fast payoutless than $ 5000 at Mr Green. Read all about it below!

Do you win $ 5000 at Mr Green as Lucky Blackjack or Roulette player?

At Mr Green, the live casiFast payoutfrom Evolution is very popular. That's because Mr Green has one of the few dedicated live roulette and live blackjack tables, with special dealers trained by Mr Green himself. And, which makes MR Green even more beautiful, is the fact that there are regularly cool promotions for Live casino enthusiasts. So come and play and win perhaps $ 5000 this time!

How do I win 5000 $?
The Jackpot of $ 5000 in February ended up in the hands of a Swede. Let it be a Dutchman this time! The new Jackpot of $ 5000 is waiting to be claimed in March, and you have the chance until the 31st!
The first player to activate the blackjack or roulette challenge below during this month wins the jackpot.

If Fast payoutplayer activates one of the challenges, the $ 5000 rolls through and will be added to the Jackpot of the following month. So if the Jackpot of March are not claimed, then the Jackpot will be $ 10,000 mr green casino!

Do you win the jackpot with 4x in succession blackjack or a roulette hit?
Both live blackjack as live roulette Players things go to the jackpot. Below you can see exactly how you can get the jackpot:

A. Challenge 1 - Blackjack: Score 4 blackjacks in a row!
B. Challenge 2-Roulette: Score 4 single songs in succession (so for example 4x in succession a won bet on a number, 1-36)

Please note, you only have to play on the Mr Green Evolution Dedicated Tables from Live Roulette and Live Blackjack.
This promotion takes the entire month, so start playing!

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