Register before 26 June & join the Treasure Hunt!

The summer days of the moment invite you to go out the door and enjoy the sun as much as possible. During the weekend the beaches are filled, the canals are full of boats or a dip is taken in the cooling water. And we agree with them. What if you get the opportunity to get on a cruise ship and participate in an adventurous treasure hunt? Then you would seize that chance with both hands, right?!

A new treasure hunt with a lot of free!

Bee CasiFast payoutCruise They understand what it means to celebrate the summer! Register today for the treasure hunt to Free spins to win! If you participate in the treasure hunt, there is a great adventure waiting for you with even bigger rewards. You have to be patient, because the treasure hunt has not started yet. Since you must have registered for the 26th, we are already making you aware of it. Registrations after this date are Fast payoutlonger included. And it would be a shame if you had to let this adventure pass you by.

Enjoy three new challenges

Although we, too, cannot fully say what the treasure hunt will look like this time, we know that three new, exciting challenges are coming. You get three days for every challenge. If you get this you will continue to the next round. You can see your progression on the treasure card. This way you slowly take steps towards the treasure! If you are able to complete all three challenges, then you already have the right to claim your fortune to free spins!

How do you participate?!

It is anything but difficult to participate in this summer's treasure hunt. The only thing you have to ensure is that you are on time and bring a healthy portion of cheerfulness with you. The steps below are the simple steps to your participation in this promotion:

  1. Make sure you have registered for this promotion before the 26th of June!
  2. To be able to participate in this promotion at all, you must be registered for the weekly newsletter from CasiFast payoutCruise. This contains weekly information about the treasure hunt.

The actual treasure hunt will start the 26th and will last until July 7. Only after completion of the challenges will you be able to look forward to the fortune on free spins.

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