Yes, it's Tuesday again at Oranje Casino!

Did you also have to drag yourself back to the office this morning? You can also start your week on Tuesday a lot better. With Orange casino you can go to the Exclusive BlackJack Namely win up to 250 $in cash. The more color your card combination has, the finer your price. This promotion runs every Monday t/m Thursday evening in November. And if it doesn't work today, then you just have another chance next week. Mark the first four days of the week in November but with a cheerful color, so. Orange, maybe?

Even if you just grab the main prize, this is Fast payoutreason to see green of jealousy. In addition to the trip to London, 166 winners run away with their part of a prize pool of more than 25,000 $.

    How you can win 250 Euro Cash during the November Blackjack Boost

    Every Monday to Thursday in November you automatically participate in the November Blackjack Boost when you play in the Exclusive Blackjack Table between 19 and 11:59 pm. These are the action periods:

    • 6 to 9 November between 19 and 11:59 pm
    • 13 to 19 November between 19 and 11:59 pm
    • 20 to 23 November between 19 and 11:59 pm
    • 27 to 30 November between 19 and 11:59 pm

    If you play Blackjack at the Exclusive Blackjack tables 1 to 10 or VIP during one of the promotional periods, you can collect pink, blue and gold playing cards. There are 4 colored cards in each table in the game. With the following combinations you have a price:

    • 3 pink cards: 50 $cash
    • 3 blue cards: 100 $cash
    • 3 golden cards: 250 $cash

    Even when you only have one colored card, You still have a chance to win prizes. Each color is good for a number of points. The points are kept on a scoreboard, and the twenty players who are at the top on Friday also win cash prizes. A pink card is one point, blue is good for 5 points, and with a golden card you immediately have 20 points. You are completely in the right place when you win the wild card. For this you only need one colored card, and you can win 500 $. If that is not a good start to your week ...

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